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Lost Ark Guild System Explained

Guilds are a fundamental part of the MMO experience, and Lost Ark is no different.

Systems like raiding, weekly quests, world bosses, dungeons, or just questing can all be made better by joining a guild. Making new friends and getting amazing end-game items can all be tied together nicely by guilds.

Going through the game on your own is totally fine in Lost Ark, it is 100% doable. However, the experience is greatly enhanced while playing with a guild, especially if some, maybe all of the members are your friends.

At the end of the day, we play games to have fun and as most of us already know, Lost Ark nails the fun aspect in an MMO with most of its systems, and guilds are no exception.

Before we start talking about guilds, make sure to join one if you’re interested.

Why Is It Important to Join a Guild In Lost Ark?

Joining a guild is very important, first because of the social aspect of a guild. If your guild is active many of your trivial activities can become much easier. Like killing a world boss or doing a dungeon. You can simply call on your guild mates to help you.

Another, and more important aspect of being in a guild is the benefits that it brings to your character. For example, being in a guild that actively plays, completes missions and ranks up their guild gives you access to a very special shop in which you can trade blood gems for extremely valuable and rare items like gear chests or upgrade materials.

Speaking of upgrades, make sure you check out how to get engravings, an essential system of the end game of Lost Ark.

There are many other benefits to joining guilds like recurring raiding partners and special quests for guilds only. The guild can also help in unique encounters like The Nightmare Ghost Ship (Location & Map here).

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Guild Leveling and Questing In Lost Ark

Guilds, just like players, level up! And leveling up is just as essential for guilds to progress as it is for players. A guild leader can assign weekly guild tasks that range from easier tasks like hunting animals or chopping down trees to slaying bosses and fighting in dungeons.

Guild tasks are created in such a way to include players from each level, if they are in the guild. And this is where the system shines the most in Lost Ark. Each player can contribute to the weekly goal, which will grand players guild XP and, more importantly, the main currency to be used in the guild shop, blood stones.

The Silmael Stones are a currency that is mostly received from guild quests. It is only used to buy and exchange items from the guild shop.

The more you level up your guild, the more research it can do to learn and upgrade, and unlock new features like the shop. Another great design choice is that the most important upgrades for the guild are the first ones, so you can get going with your guild early. In fact, the shop is the first thing that you will gain access to.

Guilds are good for always having duel partners. Check out our PvP class tier list to be one step ahead. Also, to be two steps ahead, check out the unreleased classes that are coming soon to Lost Ark.

Passive Contribution and Donations

Above all, the guilds are a social interaction system. And not everyone has the time or drive to play hardcore and participate in all the guild events. So, the devs of Lost Ark created a system called donations, in which you can contribute daily to your guild by paying either silver, gold or a special currency called honor.

You will still receive some of the weekly rewards and a pretty good chunk of Silmael Stones.

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Raids and Guild vs Guild in Lost Ark

Probably the most important for all guilds everywhere is the end game content. Since most guilds will have the goal to raid and GvG at some point, it’s important to know your options.

Guild Raids are special, more difficult raids where you fight insanely tanky and strong bosses at certain times and in certain conflict zones of the map. You and your guild have the chance to bring home some amazing, raid-exclusive loot.

Guild Vs Guild is another special event that is available once a week in certain conflict zones. Selected players from guilds will fight in arenas against other guilds to compete for rewards like huge amounts of gold, Silmael stones, and, of course, bragging rights.

With so many of the guild systems based on a weekly reset timer, it’s important to know when that is. Also, make sure to power up your alts, regardless of whether you’re going to take them in a guild or not.

Don’t forget to also check the ultimate guide for earning gold to always be able to help your guild.

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