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Lost Ark Glaivier Class – Everything You Need to Know

Lost Ark is introducing a new class into the mix! The Glaivier is the first new class since the western release. With a combo-based kit and tons of style to show off when destroying your enemies, it will fit right at home in Lost Ark.

After a long wait, we are finally getting a new class in Lost Ark. After many delays and changes to planned releases; the Glaivier is coming this month.

It’s no secret that Lost Ark has had quite a tumultuous month in March, and the devs are now looking to redeem themselves with this release. Even though the player numbers still rank Lost Ark atop the Steam charts, many players have decided to wait for updates to resume playing.

Frustrations with balancing, a broken economy, and controversy have driven many players away from the game. Smilegate and Amazon are looking to win back some players, or at least start winning them back with the release of the Glaivier.

Speaking of controversy, we’ve recently debated a hot topic in the community. Is Lost Ark pay to win? Also, if you’ve been playing in the new PvP season, make sure you spend your Coins of Courage wisely.

Lost Ark new class revealed - Glaivier
Amazon Games

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What is the Glaivier in Lost Ark

The Glaivier is a combo-based class that is somewhat similar to Soulfist. It is also part of the Martial Artist class of characters in the Lost Ark universe.

The Glaivier functions in many ways like a mid-range brawler with many AOE attacks based on combos. Don’t let the combo part scare you from playing the character, though. The Glaivier is one of the more forgiving classes in the game since their kit is full of options and mobility.

Just as you start playing with the class, you will feel familiar with it. This class is more or less a combination between a Soulfist and a Mage. Regarding power, not so much because the class has been out for a while in other regions, but as gameplay, it feels like a healthy mix between the two.

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With plenty of range attacks to fall back on if you feel overwhelmed, good damage, and decent tankiness, it is more of a hybrid class. Playing this class is also pretty fun since you don’t really have downtime, and you’re always dealing damage. Even if enemies surround you, you can burst AOE and clear them to make some room to regenerate.

Even though the Glaivier is an excellent new addition to the roster, it won’t top our #1 pick for the best solo class in Lost Ark. It will undoubtedly make a splash in the PvP tier list, though. Check out our latest list and tell us where you think it will rank up!

Lost Ark Glaivier Skin Release
Amazon Games

The developers are giving away a FREE powerpass for the Glaivier!

Make sure you claim it and take advantage of it to make your new class ready for raiding! If you’re not experienced with the powerpass system, here’s everything you need to know about it.

The Glaivier pass will also work a little differently from the standard pass. It will level you up to a higher (item) level than usual, 960 to be exact. It will also land you directly in Feiton.

This means, right off the bat, your new character will already be tier 2. To get it to tier 3, you will have to do some work.

While you wait for the new class, why not give rapport a chance? If you do it right, it will become a steady and easy source of gold. Here’s how to earn massive amounts of rapport fast.

And finally, do yourself a favor and take part in one of the toughest challenges in the game, the Alberhastic Guardian Raid. Only a few players have managed to beat it.

You can see Glaivier’s page on the official LA website.

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