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Lost Ark: Glaivier & Destroyer Class Release Dates

Two new classes are finally on the horizon for Lost Ark. The Glaivier and Destroyer release dates for Lost Ark are much closer than you think.

The new classes are set to solve some of the game’s biggest problems. Speaking of problems, throughout March, Lost Ark has been the subject of quite a lot of controversy.

The game was built with a more eastern audience in mind, understandably so since it was released in Korea three years ago. But this has posed problems with the western audience. Many players don’t subscribe to the heavy grinding philosophy of the eastern audience. Also, the fact that microtransactions are frowned upon in the west but not in Asia doesn’t help either.

The hottest topic recently has been the “pay to win” aspect of the game. Many players and streamers state that the game is much easier if you spend money. Although not untrue, the topic is much more complex. We’ve recently covered it in detail here.

Lost Ark Glaivier Release Date
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When Is the Glaivier Being Released in Lost Ark

The Glaivier is the first new class that will be released in Lost Ark since the launch of the game in the West at the beginning of the year.

It’s now officially been confirmed that the Glaivier is releasing on the 21st of April. The Glaivier is releasing instead of the initially announced Arcanist class.

DPS players will be happy to hear that the Glaivier will be one of the highest damage classes in the game. With many AOE skills and little downtime between them, the new damage class will surely be among the players’ favorites.

You can find detailed coverage of the Glaivier class and their kit here.

Even though we have a new DPS class, it still can’t knock the GOAT from the #1 spot in terms of damage. Check out the best DPS class in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Destroyer Release Date
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When Is the Destroyer Being Released in Lost Ark

Even though the Glaivier is an excellent addition to the game, the news that has everyone hyped is that the Destroyer is finally being released.

This class will not only finally bring a proper tank to the game, but will undoubtedly raise the quality and health of the game, especially in raids. A proper tank is something we’ve desperately needed since launch.

We’ve had to use the Berserker as a makeshift tank in our raids. But now, we’ve got a proper meat shield that can tank bosses for days.

The Destroyer will release at the end of May, but an official date has not yet been announced. We will update this article once the announcement drops.

We’ve also covered the Destroyer in great detail. Find more about the long-awaited tank class and how it will impact the game here.

Since we’re going to have two new classes, especially one as impactful as the Destroyer, it will be interesting to see which way the meta turns.

Speaking of meta, here’s our detailed PvP tier list. Where do you think the new classes will rank on the list?

And finally, once the destroyer is released, take it for a test run in the Alberhastic Guardian Raid. If it can beat that, it can conquer anything.

Read the official statement on the releases here.

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Comments 5


Wednesday 11th of May 2022

you can really tell that the person writing the article knows anything about the game when they say the guy with the giant two handed sword has had to be the tank while we wait for the guy with the giant two handed hammer, meanwhile theres a dude not mentioned in the article with a giant shield and lance just shouting into the ether "DO I MEAN NOTHING TO YOU?!?!"


Thursday 28th of April 2022

Really? Destroyer is a Tank? I played Destroyer on KR/JP/RU and this is NOT a tank class! Seriously, there is something called Gunlancer aka Warlord which is a fully fletched tank. You are writing that you need a zerker to be a tank in raids.. then you guys either didnt understand the classes or never played this game before!

Thursday 21st of April 2022

the only thing that the destroyer is best known for is being the reigning stagger damage king and now after the buffs in kr they have competitive damage, most def not a tank, hell they just got a taunt with the buff in kr lol

Thursday 21st of April 2022

yo you know there is a class that is literally a tank, it holds a shield and taunts and protects allies from damage, its called a gunlancer. maybe play the game before writing articles on it? just a thought


Thursday 28th of April 2022

Haha.. i just wrote the same comment. I think they never played Lost Ark period.