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Lost Ark: Spring Fever Time Event – Everything You Need to Know

The fever time event is back in Lost Ark. The popular small-scale event that gives players free items is back in a new form and looks like it’s going to be a recurrent event. Here’s how to take full advantage of the Fever Time event.

Although the last Fever Time event in Lost Ark was initially dismissed as insignificant by players, it became a favorite by the end. The Fever time brought the players so many potions and resources that it ended up saving literal millions worth of gold overall.

Noticing the players liked it, the developers are bringing back the Fever Time. But this time, they are bringing different kinds of rewards for the players. The developers are also testing out the fever time event as a potential “economy injector” event.

As many Lost Ark players know, the game has been subject to many controversies lately. It’s nice to see the developers trying to deliver on their promises. We’ve recently covered a very controversial topic in the community – is Lost Ark a pay-to-win game?

Lost Ark Fever Time Event Spring Fever Time
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What Is the Spring Fever Time Event in Lost Ark

The Fever Time event, just like last time, is a simple event in which you get free items. All you have to do to get said items is log in to the game in the event time frame. The event is also now called the Spring Fever Time, hinting at possibly becoming a recurring event.

This event usually does not offer highly exclusive or rare items, just useful consumables or materials. Last month, the event focused on potions. And this one is focused on more utility items that help you in raids.

These are the following items you can receive in the Fever Time event throughout May:

  • [Masterwork] Master’s Moist Omelet (Bound) x3
  • Regulus’ Light Currency Chest x3
  • Phoenix Plume x10

These items can be claimed once per day at their available times.

This event comes in preparation for the newly released classes, which are hopefully going to shake up the meta. Probably the one who will shake up the meta the most is the incredibly tanky Destroyer.

But don’t count the Glaivier out just yet. Its high DPS and massive AOE will surely leave its mark and shift many players towards maining it.

If you’re looking to play any of them, get ready, their release date is closer than you might think.

Lost Ark Spring Fever Time Rewards
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When Is the Spring Fever Time Event Starting in Lost Ark

The Fever Time event will start on April 16th at 3 AM PT / 10 AM UTC. You can claim your items once per account every Saturday and Sunday throughout April between 3:01 AM PT / 10:01 AM UTC and 2:59 AM PT / 9:59 AM UTC.

You can claim your items once on Saturday and Sunday, so make sure you log in every weekend to take maximum advantage of the event.

Although many of the recent updates, including the new classes, aim to improve the quality of raiding and PvE, the PvP season is still in full force. We highly recommend you jump into action. Here’s our latest in-depth PvP tier list.

And finally, make sure you spend your Coins of Courage wisely this season.

Here’s the official announcement of the Fever Time event.

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