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Lost Ark Destroyer Class – Everything You Need to Know

Lost Ark is introducing yet another class into the roster. We’ve known about the Destroyer for a while now, and it looks like we’re finally going to get them after a few delays. With its bruiser playstyle and massive tankiness, it might be just what your raid party is missing.

After multiple delays due to many issues with the game, it looks like we’re finally getting the Destroyer class. Although it’s going to come after the release of the Glaivier, the Destroyer is already generating colossal hype.

We’re finally going to have a proper hardcore tank in the game. This is going to be huge for raiding. The devs hope that the new classes will bring many lost players back. Many were driven away by frustrations with balancing, a broken economy, and a lack of meaningful updates.

We’ve recently debated one of the most controversial topics in the community, is Lost Ark pay to win? We’ve also covered the other upcoming class, the Glaivier, in detail. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Lost Ark Destroyer New Class
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Why Is the Destroyer So Hyped in Lost Ark

For many players, the Destroyer is just what the roster of characters has been missing. A proper heavy tank that can go toe to toe with the raid bosses and not feel a thing. He is so heavily expected for multiple reasons.

First, many players who were hoping to play a tank class got relegated to the more bruiser like Berserker, which also has to do a lot of damage to be relevant. We’re finally going to have an actual high cc tank class in the game.

Second, even more, players felt like they needed a better tank in their raiding party. This is one of the big reasons that raids felt so difficult. We have so many damage-dealing classes but no proper tank, no one to stagger and aggro the bosses constantly.

This will make raids like the Alberhastic Guardian Raid much more accessible to all players. If tanks are not your thing, don’t worry. We’ve got the perfect solution for you – here is the best DPS class to play in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Destroyer In Game
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How Does the Destroyer Work in Lost Ark

The Destroyer is part of the warrior class and functions as an ultra tanky version of the Berserker. He has insane stagger and can shield themselves for very high amounts but is very slow and takes a lot of time to deal damage.

They also have unique kits. The Destroyer’s abilities have two types: Focused and Releasing. It’s a straightforward concept. When you use Focused abilities, you gain release cores. Each Releasing ability costs release cores. You can stack up to three cores at a time and spend them to use Releasing abilities.

Releasing abilities are more powerful versions of the Destroyer’s focused abilities. Consuming cores also grants an increasingly larger shield based on how many you consume.

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Lost Ark destroyer Arena
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This makes Destroyer the tankiest class by far. The class will act as the main tank in PvE and PvP and will most likely rely on their team to deal with the damage. But don’t count him out! He is extremely slow, but he deals massive amounts of damage if he manages to hit his attacks. The Destroyer also has a lot of crowd control, so picking him in raids will probably be a must.

Although this character seems impressive, it certainly has some drawbacks. Their PvP presence, for example, will probably be limited. Until it releases, we can’t know for sure, but here’s our latest PvP tier list – tell us where you think the Destroyer will land on it.

The Destroyer is also coming with a free powerpass. Here’s how to make the most of your new powerpass.

Even though two new classes are being added, we can’t forget the GOAT. Here’s the best class for solo play in Lost Ark.

If you want more info on other classes, check out the LA Wiki.

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