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Lost Ark: All Unreleased Classes – Destroyer, Summoner, Reaper & More

Lost Ark is finally here in Europe and North America, but it’s missing the following unreleased classes.

After years of waiting, Lost Ark has finally arrived in the West, and it’s everything we hoped it would be. The latest MMORPG on the market is attracting huge player counts already, with some players queuing for 5 hours just to play Lost Ark!

But the MMO has actually been out since December 2019 in South Korea. And, as it turns out, Korean players have access to a few extra classes already.

We’ve got a guide to picking the best class for you in Lost Ark here. But we may soon need an updated guide as several unreleased classes may be making their way to the game in the future.

For the time being, check out the Lost Ark classes tier list to see where your chosen class stacks up!

All Lost Ark Classes in Korea – Unreleased Classes

Want to know what additional content Lost Ark may be getting in the future? Just take a look at these unreleased classes, currently available for Lost Ark players in South Korea.


Lost Ark Destroyer
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An offshoot of the Warrior class, the Destroyer wields a mighty hammer and is capable of outputting some of the largest damage numbers in the game.

Expect a tank-like playstyle, complete with high stagger moves and AOE effects. The Destroyer is also capable of excellent CC, and is therefore great at handling waves of mobs.

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Lance Master

Lost Ark Lance Master
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The Lance Master is a Martial Artist subclass that can switch between a spear and halberd at will. Expect sweeping combos with huge range, devastating damage, and the ability to juggle enemies in the air.

Unlike other Martial Artist classes, the Lance Master looks to be far more useful at handling large groups of enemies, due to its sweeping weapon animations and skills.

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Lost Ark Scouter
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The Scouter is probably the coolest of the unreleased classes in Lost Ark. The Gunner class uses a variety of technological and firearm-based skills to tear through enemies with a drone.

Not only is your arsenal super flashy, but it also allows you to charge up a powerful Exosuit, allowing you to transform and dart around the battlefield unleashing hell. You can also call in a bombing run on the battlefield to wipe out enemy forces.

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Lost Ark Summoner
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The Summoner is a Mage class like no other, making use of summons to back you up in battle. Whether you’re sending a stampede of falling horses or a flock of birds at enemies, you’ll be dealing out stuns and damage in droves.

For her ultimate ability, the Summoner can even bring forth a giant lightning hammer-wielding knight to devastate your opponents.

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Lost Ark Arcana
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The Arcana Mage class is one of the most interesting unreleased classes in Lost Ark and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. This class relies on drawing cards from a deck that each trigger powerful magic effects in-game.

Depending on which cards you draw, the Arcana will be able to unleash different magic attacks on opponents.

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Lost Ark Reaper
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As if to save the best Assassin class until last, the Reaper harnesses the power of darkness to summon clones, turn invisible, and slash enemies at lightning speed.

With an incredibly fast and stylish moveset, the Reaper bombards enemies with its overwhelming skills until they fall at its feet.

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Lost Ark Artist
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Amazingly, the Artist is part of an all-new Class altogether – the Specialist. True to its name, the Artist has some truly gorgeous skills which can not only deal damage but support allies too.

Using a giant brush to fire off ink-based attacks, the Artist makes warfare into a beautiful painting.

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Lost Ark Aeromancer Unreleased Classes
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The final unreleased class in Lost Ark is the Aeromancer, a wind-based Elementalist Specialist. The Aeromancer will make use of its umbrella to unleash powerful climate-changing effects.

However, right now, we only have a tease for the upcoming class – it’s not out even in South Korea!

We don’t know if and when any of the unreleased classes will be making their way into Lost Ark in the West. However, we can only hope that the additions are coming soon.

Right now though, the development team is busy adding new servers to select regions. And in the meantime, we should learn to master the classes we already have!

And it never hurts to know how to earn Gold fast in Lost Ark either!

Take a look at all unreleased classes in action, thanks to this new video by Arekkz Gaming.

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