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Logan Paul Hit By Kevin Owens’ Stone Cold Stunner at WrestleMania 37

Logan Paul may be a popular internet personality but the WrestleMania 37 crowd only went wild for him after seeing the man get hit by Kevin Owens’ Stone Cold Stunner.

Just hours ago, the long-awaited Wrestlemania 37 finally made its debut, and one new face had the crowd angry. Social media star Logan Paul made an appearance at the Raymond James Stadium, and it’s fair to say that the audience wasn’t a fan.

Appearing as Sami Zayn’s special guest, Logan Paul was booed by the crowd from the moment he entered the arena. Allegedly, WWE even had to edit in applause for the content creator on the official broadcast, though fans present at WrestleMania deny it occurring.

logan paul wrestlemania 37
(Source: WrestleMania)

Spoilers for the grand-scale wrestling event but Sami Zayn’s defeat at the hands of long-standing rival Kevin Owens is already big news. But something far more satisfying was about to go down.

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Watch Logan Paul Get the Stone Cold Stunner at WrestleMania 37

When the match was over, only then did Logan Paul climb into the ring. Pushing Sami Zayn to the side, Paul attempted to celebrate Owens’ victory with the seasoned WWE star.

But as he was celebrating Kevin Owens’ glory, Paul finally managed to make the crowd go wild.

As the YouTube star congratulated Owens on his victory, the latter hits him with a groin kick. And in the most satisfying clip in internet history, you can watch Logan Paul get hit by the Stone Cold Stunner.

It speaks volumes that this moment is the most memorable event of WrestleMania 37. After all, the crowd loses their minds at the finishing move, and many are even praising Paul.

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WrestleMania fans everywhere are talking about Logan Paul’s Stunner, which he did take like a champ. In fact, if this whole boxing gig doesn’t work out, the internet star could make a good go of being a WWE star.

Younger brother Jake Paul congratulates his sibling on Twitter, calling this event “a rise of the Paul’s part 2.” It’s worth noting that Jake Paul has a boxing documentary coming this year after competing in only 3 matches total.

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