Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping experience in the fourth season of Call of Duty: Warzone, as a thrilling new game mode takes center stage: Lockdown.

This larger-scaled experience, taking inspiration from a beloved Call of Duty multiplayer mode is set to revolutionize the Battle Royale landscape.

With Lockdown joining the ranks of Battle Royale, Resurgence, and Plunder, players now have four exciting modes to choose from in the game’s playlist rotations

Warzone Lockdown Explained

Lockdown is a new respawn mode in Warzone, where instead of being the last surviving team, you must battle for multiple zones throughout the map, similar to Hardpoint. There will be 12 teams of four, giving a total of 36 players.

This mode will allow Operators to choose their custom loadouts at the beginning of the match. Additionally, each game will last up to double the time of a regular Hardpoint, meaning you may be battling for up to 15 minutes.

There will be a total of seven lockdown zones; however, not all will be active at the same time. This mode is currently only available to play on the new Vondel map.

Warzone Season 4 Vondel

How to Win Lockdown in Warzone

To win games of Lockdown, your squad must be the team with the most points at the end of the timer. To get points, you must capture and hold the lockdown zones across the map.

You can also gain squad bonus points for having all team members within the same lockdown zone.

Furthermore, at certain points in the game, a special zone, the High-Value Target, will drop in, offering double points for capturing.

Additionally, after the timer reaches zero, the match will go into overtime. In overtime, every zone will count as a High-Value Target.

Getting points in Lockdown

How to Play Lockdown in Warzone

Warzone players can find the Lockdown mode on the main menu of the Battle Royale game. Seeing as it is a new mode, you will likely locate it in the Featured tab.

Lockdown is only a Limited-Time Mode (LTM). This means that it will not be a permanent fixture on the Warzone playlists.

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