The Lockdown Quads game mode is one of the best places to farm for XP in MW3 – find out why below!

You’ll need to get XP to unlock all weapons and gear in MW3, as well as all of the game’s devilishly alluring gun camos.

Thankfully, there are certain ways to streamline the process of getting XP in the Lockdwon Quads game mode for Warzone. Doing so will allow you to level up and unlock everything as quickly as possible.

Best Way to Farm XP Fast – Lockdown Quads

The best and fastest way to farm XP in MW3 is to play in the Lockdown Quads game type for Warzone.

The Lockdown Quads game type is the best mode to earn XP in MW3 right now as you can get 150 XP every five seconds you are holding a capture point. In addition to all the other XP you’ll get in the match, this is by far the best place to earn XP fast in MW3.

In Lockdown Quads, there are six zones you can capture at any given time. You’ll want to hold as many zones as you can for as long as possible.

As this game mode has unlimited respawns, it’s also much easier to get right back into the action to farm XP.

Showing 150 XP earned every 5 seconds for holding zone in LockdownQuads in Warzone in MW3

There can be six objectives to capture in a Lockdown Quads match at any given time, that’s a lot of XP potential!

Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips to earn as much XP as you can in Lockdown Quads:

  • Play the objective
    • You’ll want to prioritize capturing zones rather than getting kills. The more zones you hold, the more XP you’ll get!
    • Playing the objective will increase your chances of winning the game. On top of the XP you earn during the match, you’ll get a bonus for winning!
  • Aim to capture zones that are inside buildings and that are less populated
    • Avoid zones that are out in the open, as you’re more likely to get killed
    • Aim to capture zones that are in enclosed buildings and can be more easily defended. It is even better if you can find one away from the action!
Player holding zone capture in Lockdown Quads in Warzone in MW3
  • Avoid engagements and stay out of the firing line
    • Ignore any impulse to get into firefights and try to stay way from enemies as much as possible.
    • The goal is to stay in zones for as long as possible to gain as much XP as you can. This is why it’s better to cap points away away from where the action is, if you can
  • Equip and throw Decoy Grenades
    • Equip Decoy Grenades to your loadout and throw them in populated areas while moving through the map. For each enemy picked up by your decoy, you’ll get 200 XP
    • You’ll find Munitions boxes throughout the map which will replenish your ammo and allow you to throw more Decoy Grenades!
Decoy Grnade in MW3 loadout menu
  • Use Double XP tokens
    • This is the time to use any Double XP tokens you have saved up, as it will significantly increase your XP gain while playing Lockdown Quads
Double XP tokens in MW3 menu

What’s great is that you have unlimited respawns in Lockdown Quads, unlike Warzone’s flagship Battle Royale mode. This means you can keep trying to cap points to earn as much XP as possible in a given game.

This is also one of the best game modes to play if you’re looking to unlock the Magma Camo for the limited-time Vortex event in MW3!

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