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Very Limited PS5 Restock Available at Target – April 18

Today might be a Monday, but that isn’t stopping Target from dropping a new PS5 restock on April 18, hot off the heels of its recent drop.

Target fans, you’re in luck! The major retailer has another PS5 restock on Monday, April 18, and it’s live right now.

If you’re still on the lookout for a current-gen console, this could be your day. Recently, Target had its long-awaited PS5 restock on April 15.

Now, it seems that select leftover consoles are becoming available in certain areas. Both Disc and Digital units are up for grabs, but we can’t imagine it’s a major drop.

Missed out on the action? Don’t worry – these retailers will be dropping PS5 restocks this week!

PS5 Digital Edition

Target PS5 Restock In-Stock Now – April 18

If you’re checking your local store for a PS5 this long Bank Holiday weekend, you might just have some luck at Target!

It seems that Target is releasing a limited stock of PS5 consoles for Drive Up or Order Pickup on Monday, April 18.

The stock is currently live, but we don’t expect it’ll be available for long. The retailer must have had a lot of extra consoles left over to be selling them again so soon, but today’s drop won’t be anything near as large as last week’s.

Here’s the link to the PS5 Target restock page – but you’ll need to be fast to it!

We’ll update this article when the stock runs out, but it appears to be more available in some regions than others.

Don’t forget, we’ve got a new way for gamers to beat scalpers and find their PS5 with ease!

Meanwhile, in other recent Sony news, a new PlayStation acquisition is on the way, and it’s a big one! You’ll definitely want to get your hands on the next-gen device before the exciting news raises demand once again.

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