The three Fortnite Lighthouses can be found in the following locations in Chapter 4 Season 2:

  • South of Steamy Springs
  • Southwest of Kenjutsu Crossing
  • On the north end of Knotty Nets

The lighthouses are easily spotted in the dark, bearing a resemblance to traditional Japanese lighthouses rather than their modern-day counterparts.

One of your Fortnite weekly challenges is to visit all 3 Lighthouse locations in a single match. Here’s where to locate each one, and what they look like:

All 3 Lighthouse Locations in Fortnite Chapter 4

Fornite: Where to Visit All Lighthouses in a Single Match

When dropping into Fortnite during its night cycle, you should be able to see a faint glow being emitted from each of the three Lighthouse locations.

All Lighthouse Locations in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2
Left: Knotty Nets Lighthouse / Right: Steamy Springs & Kenjutsu Crossing Lighthouses

Two of the Lighthouses are very close to one another, so we recommend heading to Steamy Springs first.

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Steamy Springs / Kenjutsu Crossing

When approaching the Lighthouses at Steamy Springs/Kenjutsu Crossing, you’ll notice that they’re directly across from one another.

Where to Find Lighthouses in Fortnite MEGA

Land at either one, and it’s even easier than you’d think to make your way to the next.

After all, there’s a blue Porta Potty directly next to each Lighthouse which you can enter with Square / X / E. Doing so will instantly transport you over to the other location!

Porta Potty By Lighthouse in Fortnite

Now that you’ve visited both southern Lighthouses, it’s time to make your way to the third and final location – Knotty Nets.

Knotty Nets

The Knotty Nets Lighthouse is at the northernmost point of the POI. It resembles both of the other Lighthouses, though it is much further away than players might expect.

The Lighthouse can be located at the top of the Knotty Nets landmass, overlooking the water.

Where to Find the Third Lighthouse in Fortnite

Best Way to Visit Three Lighthouses in a Single Match

  • To complete the Fortnite Week 2 challenge of visiting all 3 Lighthouses, players should first drop at the Steamy Springs Lighthouse.
  • Hop into the Porta Potty that’s beside the Lighthouse and you’ll immediately be transported over the water to the Kenjutsu Crossing Lighthouse.
  • Finally, hop onto a Rogue Bike or Nitro Drifter and race across the map heading east. The final Lighthouse is located at the northern side of Knotty Nets, by the coastline.

What Does a Lighthouse Look Like in Fortnite?

The Fortnite Lighthouses resemble traditional Japanese lighthouses. As such, they look like large wooden towers atop stone platforms, with tiled roofing.

On the top floor of the Lighthouse, a fire is kept burning, creating a light that’s easily visible at night.

Fortnite Lighthouse in Chapter 4 Season 2 Location

These Lighthouses aren’t as easy to spot as modern-day Lighthouses, but they’re not hard to spot in the dark.

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