The iconic duo Mikasa and Levi Ackerman from the hit anime Attack on Titan are finally available in Fortnite.

Fans can now purchase Mikasa and Levi skins from the Item Shop, as well as bundles that include them and additional AoT cosmetics.

Mikasa & Levi Fortnite Bundle Price & Contents

The Mikasa & Levi bundle in Fortnite costs 3,000 V-Bucks but is currently discounted to 2,200 V-Bucks. It contains the following:

  • Mikasa Ackerman Outfit
  • Captain Levi Outfit
  • Ore Light Back Bling
  • Transformation Serum Back Bling
  • Citadel Scouts Loading Screen
The Mikasa and Levi Bundle contents in Fortnite

Players can buy the Mikasa and Levi skins separately for 1,500 V-Bucks each. Additionally, there is a Special Operations Gear Bundle that comes with even more Attack on Titan cosmetics.

Of course, Mikasa and Levi are surprisingly available before players have the chance to unlock Eren Jaeger as this season’s secret skin.

Attack on Titan Special Operations Gear Bundle Price & Contents

The Special Operations Gear Bundle costs 2,900 V-Bucks but is currently discounted to 1,600 V-Bucks. It contains:

  • Regiment Cloak Back Bling
    • Available separately for 400 V-Bucks
  • Thunder Spear Flier Back Bling
    • Available with the Thunder Spear Flier Glider for 1,200 V-Bucks
  • Thunder Spear Flier Glider
  • Snap Blade Harvesting Tool
    • Available separately for 800 V-Bucks
  • Titan Run: Rush Emote
    • Available with the other Titan Run emotes for 500 V-Bucks
  • Titan Run: Rampage Emote
  • Titan Run: Freestyle Emote

This bundle also launches alongside the iconic ODM Gear from the anime, which players can find and use in-game if they know where to look.

the Attack on Titan Special Operations Bundle contents in Fortnite

Who Is Mikasa Ackerman in Fortnite?

Mikasa is a childhood friend of Eren Jaeger, who entered the military alongside him and quickly became known as the best soldier in the 104th Training Corps.

She wishes for a peaceful life but will ultimately do whatever it takes to follow and protect Eren, who saved her from the traffickers who murdered her parents.

The Mikasa Ackermann skin in Fortnite

Who Is Levi Ackerman in Fortnite?

Levi Ackerman, known as Captain Levi, is known as humanity’s strongest soldier. A true one-man army, Levi is the squad captain of the Special Operations Squad within the Survey Corps.

Mikasa and Levi are Ackermans, a family persecuted to the brink of extinction due to a strange immunity to the Founding Titan’s power.

Though the characters both belong to the same family, they are not closely related, instead likely being second cousins.

The Levi Ackermann skin in Fortnite
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