If you’re looking to level up fast in Hogwarts Legacy and become a more powerful wizard, the best way to farm XP is by using the Battle Arena system.

By heading to a Battle Arena and defeating enemies, you’ll earn XP and complete additional challenges to blast through the levels in no time.

If you’re yet to delve into the world of Battle Arenas in Hogwarts Legacy, you’re missing out on a ton of free and easy XP.

Also, in case you missed the feature, Deluxe and Collector’s Edition users have access to the Dark Arts Battle Arena, allowing them to use Unforgivable Curses immediately!

Hogwarts Legacy Battle Arena Farming

Here’s how to discover and unlock your first Battle Arena, and how it works:

  • First, head to this location on the Hogwarts Legacy map, next to the East North Ford Bog Floo Flame.
Dark Arts Battle Arena Location in Hogwarts Legacy
  • Once at the ruins, you’ll see that the outskirts are filled with 20 pots.
  • Use Basic Cast (R2/R2/Left Click) to destroy each pot. None of them are difficult to find, and all are located inside or on the outskirts of the ruin.
Destroy All Pots Hogwarts Legacy

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  • This will activate the statue in the center, which you can now interact with.
  • Before you do, to make this trick easier, hit Options/Menu/Esc and select Settings. Then, in Gameplay Options, change Difficulty to Story.
    • This is an optional step that will make the battle far easier without reducing any XP gain! If you’re looking to grind levels, temporarily changing to Story difficulty is the best option.
Hogwarts Legacy Battle Arena
  • Now interact with the statue and you’ll be tasked with fighting 5 waves of enemies.
  • Defeat them all to earn massive XP gains. What’s more, you’ll get additional XP as you naturally complete challenges like defeating spiders, Dark Wizards, and more!
  • Once you’re victorious, you’re able to replay the Battle Arena as many times as you like!

Now that you’ve got all the XP in the world, here are the top 3 Ways to farm Gold & earn money fast in Hogwarts Legacy!

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