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How to Level Up Fast in FIFA 21 Pro Clubs Game Mode

FIFA 21 is live now and upgrading to Next Gen in the coming weeks. Here's how to level up fast in Pro Clubs and max out your created player's capabilities.

Tis the season for squading up with friends and playing some FIFA 21 Pro Clubs. The group-based game mode is a staple of the EA Sports title and gamers will be racing to climb the division ranks.

Providing the ability to play with up to ten other players in a side, the Pro Clubs possibilities are endless. However, the leveling up process can be a bit confusing, so allow us to walk you through it.

Keep in mind that all FIFA 21 Pro Clubs players will start at a base rating of 80 overall. Here's the fastest way to level up your player and quickly raise your overall rating.

Understanding the FIFA 21 Pro Clubs Ratings System

FIFA 21 players will be delighted to know they'll receive a free Next Gen upgrade thanks to EA Sports Dual Entitlement, but the news isn't as exciting for Pro Clubs.

Unfortunately, progress made in FIFA 21 Pro Clubs won't carry over through the Next Gen launch, and players will need to restart the leveling process.

While it's frustrating to know that progress made since early October's release will be lost, we're here to help ease the transition. Understanding the ratings system can help you reach max rating in a more efficient manner.

The two most important aspects to grasp when leveling up in Pro Clubs, are XP and Skill Points. As these two factors will be instrumental in raising your Pro Clubs player's ratings.

Attribute ratings like Shot Power or Sprint Speed are added up and balanced out to determine the player's overall rating. These attribute ratings can be improved and leveled up through XP and Traits, thus improving your player's overall rating.

Every FIFA 21 Pro Clubs player will start at a base rating of 80 overall. So follow along to understand how to raise your OVR as fast as possible.

Match & Bonus XP

After the completion of every match, each player will earn a set amount of Match XP based on their match rating. The parameters for match ratings and their corresponding XP earned are as follows:

Match RatingBase XP
FIFA 21 Pro Clubs Match Rating / Base Match XP Table

Depending on your player's position, the XP will be automatically applied to a set of attributes, thus improving their ratings. A full list of positions and their corresponding primary attributes can be found in our FIFA 21 Pro Clubs Player Traits Guide.

The other type of XP you'll earn is Bonus XP. This XP is distributed to specific attribute ratings depending on actions performed during the match.

For example, scoring a goal from outside the box will grant the player with 50 XP - Long Shots and 20 XP - Shot Power. This is where being an unselfish team player can go a long way leveling up everyone in your squad.

Scoring a hat trick grants 75 XP - Finishing and 75 XP - Long Shots. While a successfully converted penalty kick awards 150 XP - Penalties.

Spreading the success around and sharing Free Kicks as well as Penalty Kicks are easy ways to give everyone on your team a boost.

Skill Points & Player Traits

Skill Points are used to unlock specific player traits which also improve attribute ratings. A total of 110 Skill Points can be acquired to apply to your Pro Clubs player.

At the creation of your player, you'll be awarded 15 Skill Points. The remaining 95 will be awarded based on a per-match-played basis (the table can be found in our Player Traits Guide).

Remember, once all 110 points have been unlocked they will cap. However, players will be able to reallocate their Skill Points as they see fit.

Stay tuned with Gaming Intel for all your FIFA needs. And for Ultimate Team players, be sure to check out our Trading Method Guides to help you quickly turn profits on the marketplace.

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