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Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga – How to Get Every Datacard

Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga players will need to find every Datacard if they hope to unlock some cool new modes and extras!

Datacards in Lego Star Wars help players unlock new modes and some new gameplay mechanics that can be a lot of fun.

But to do so, you’ll need to make sure you have plenty of the stud multipliers already in your inventory. These extras will cost you a lot of studs.

Here’s where you can find every Datacard in Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga.

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Lego Star Wars Datacard
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Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – Every Datacard Location

Here is the location of all 19 Datacards in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

Episode 1 – Phantom Menace

  • Federal District:
    • Head to the Senate View in the Federal District.
    • Go north towards the edge of this area. You should see another ledge below you.
    • Jump on this ledge, and from here, you should see a secret room with a force field.
    • Use two characters to stand on both buttons and open the force field.
    • Grab the Datacard.
  • Mos Espa:
    • Head to the northwest area of Mos Espa to the Slave Quarters.
    • From here, you should see a home with a glowing door. This is Anakin’s house.
    • Go into the doorway, and your character should pick up the Datacard.
Lego Star Wars Datacard
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Episode 2 – Attack of the Clones

  • Stalgasin Hive:
    • In the middle of the map, there is a wall that you can climb.
    • Climb to the top and then head east until your reach the edge.
    • There should be a ledge and a small path. Follow it, and you’ll find more legos to climb.
    • Reach the top of this climb, and you’ll find the Datacard.
  • Uscru District:
    • Head to the lower district. You’ll find a building with a glowing yellow ring.
    • You can use the pedestals to jump across.
    • The Datacard will be behind the building.

Episode 3 – Revenge of the Sith

  • Kashyyyk:
    • Head to the root area of Tree Vikkilynn.
    • Climb to the top of the tree, and you’ll see some platforms.
    • You’ll find the Datacard near a window.
  • Mustafar:
    • Head towards the corridor on your right.
    • Go through a few doors until you make it to the lava waterfall and pit area.
    • Look at the giant pipe to your left.
    • You should see some legos you can grapple with if you look up.
    • Jump on the fence to make it easier.
    • The Datacard should be just a few more grapples away.

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Episode 4 – A New Hope

  • Jundland Wastes:
    • Head towards Old Ben Kenobi’s House.
    • Use a character with a lightsaber to climb the wall behind it.
    • From here, you should see a pole near some crates.
    • Use the force to insert the stick into an opening on the wall.
    • Use the posts to jump across to the other side.
    • Make your way down the path, and you should see another pole on a ledge below you.
    • Use the force to line it up and go across once more.
    • Cross the narrow bridge and then turn around. Jump on the rock ledge right in front of you.
    • Navigate this path until you see another rock formation you can jump towards.
    • The Datacard will be on a ledge.
  • Great Temple:
    • Head north towards the elevated platform on your right side.
    • Jump on one of the boxes and turn around until you see a lego you can grapple to.
    • Jump onto the next level and reach the top of the platform.
    • The data card will be there.
  • Mos Eisley:
    • Make your way to the building with a red and blue lego sign.
    • It should be west of where you start.
    • From here, begin to force lift three of the white and orange crates in the area.
    • After force lifting all three, you should be able to reach the Datacard floating on the side of the building.
Red Building Lego Star Wars
Building described above.
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Episode 5 – The Empire Strikes Back

  • Cloud City:
    • Head towards the lowest area of the city.
    • Once you see the tower in the middle, head right.
    • From here, take another right, and go towards the back area of the city.
    • There should be a wall that you can break from a distance.
    • You should be able to grapple to it now and grab the Datacard.
  • Dragonsnake Bog:
    • Head past the swamp.
    • You should see some crates and some roots around you.
    • Look to your left, and there will be a tree with some legos to grapple with.
    • Grapple to the branch, and you should get the Datacard.
  • Echo Base:
    • Head slightly north and look at the wall to your right.
    • Find the grapple lego and make your way up until you are even with the lights.
    • You will see the Datacard in the distance.
    • You should be able to use the light fixtures to grapple towards it.

Episode 6 – Return of the Jedi

  • Endor:
    • Make your way down the tree on the right.
    • Once you reach the end, you should see a target you can shoot in some leaves.
    • Shoot it, and a secret door will open, revealing a Datacard.

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Episode 7 – The Force Awakens

  • Maz’s Castle:
    • Head towards the area where there is some fishing going on.
    • Grapple to the top of the pole on your left.
    • Activate the button there, and the Datacard will be revealed.
  • Niima Outpost:
    • Make your way through the desert until you come across a fallen ship on your left side.
    • It should look like a cylinder with rockets.
    • Head to the top, and just below, you should see the Datacard.
Lego Star Wars
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Episode 8 – The Last Jedi

  • Canto Bight:
    • Head into the area with the lit-up walkway and archways.
    • Eventually, there will be a door on the right side. Go in here and then make an immediate left.
    • From here, you will be able to find a spot on the wall to your left that you can grabble.
    • Make your way all the way until the end.
    • You’ll see the datacard on a balcony below you.
  • Crait:
    • Head towards the area with the floating platforms.
    • You should already see the Datacard up in the distance.
    • Use the platforms to make your way to its general location.
    • Once you’re close enough, jump and grapple to the Datacard’s platform.

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Episode 9 – Rise of the Skywalker

  • Exegol:
    • Head to Exegol and make your way to lift.
    • Take the lift down.
    • Make your way down the path and take a left until you reach a set of stairs.
    • Take the right path and jump on the lego rope on the stairs.
    • Once you reach the tip of the rope you should be able to climb onto a pipe.
    • You’ll see the datacard on the other end of the pipe.
  • Kef Bir:
    • Head to the area with the straw roof houses.
    • Go towards the back of the first house on your left.
    • The Datacard should be there.

And that is all the Datacards you will need in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga! Use this to unlock some cool new modes.

Lego Star Wars Opening Screen
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