Sometimes Granite just won’t cut it – here’s how to find Marble in LEGO Fortnite and bring some class to your crafting!

As you begin to expand your village in the new LEGO Fortnite survival crafting mode, you’ll quickly realize that you’re in need of never-seen-before resources.

Thankfully, Marble isn’t as hard to come by as you’d think. In fact, those who love to explore will come across it very quickly.

Where to Find Marble

Marble is exclusively found inside Grasslands caves in LEGO Fortnite. The white rock appears throughout all cave systems, and can be mined with a Pickaxe of Uncommon Rarity or higher.

Marble in LEGO Fortnite

You’ll need to have upgraded your Crafting Bench at least once to be able to make an Uncommon (Green) Pickaxe. Common Pickaxes will do no damage to Marble deposits, meaning it’s unable to be mined.

Each Marble deposit will drop several pieces of the heavily sought-after resource, and it’s good to stock up whenever you get the chance.

Caves are common spawns in the LEGO Fortnite overworld, appearing with this icon on the map. Make sure you’re in the Grasslands biome, as only these caves will contain Marble deposits.

Where to Find Caves in LEGO Fortnite

Entering a Grasslands cave will take you to a new underground area, where Marble (and the elusive Knotroot Wood) can be found in large quantities.

How to Get Marble Slabs

Marble Slabs can be by using a Stone Breaker in LEGO Fortnite. 

Simply select the Marble Slab recipe, and deposit Marble into the Stone Breaker. For every Marble you insert, you’ll get Marble Slab back in a ratio of 1:1.

  1. Interact with the Stone Breaker (Square/X/E)
  2. Select Marble Slab as the Recipe
  3. Then, deposit Marble (X/A/Click the Plus) and it will turn each piece into a Slab
Stone Breaker in LEGO Fortnite

To craft a Stone Breaker, you’ll need a whopping 20 Knotroot and 35 Marble. Luckily, both of those things are available inside caves.

Since you’ll need a lot of Marble to upgrade your village to the higher tier levels, be sure to mine plenty of the resource when you’re passing a new cave!

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