Those looking to finish their Battle Pass without a hassle are in luck with a newly discovered Fortnite glitch that allows infinite XP!

For those interested in checking out this glitch, know it’s a simple exploit connected to the LEGO quests. This means anyone can do this trick without any sort of skill barrier.

All you need is a good friend to visit their world, at least one compatible quest, and a bit of patience as your XP builds up. Please join us to learn every step of this XP glitch!

LEGO Fortnite Quests Infinite XP Glitch Explained

To perform this infinite XP glitch using LEGO Fortnite quests, all you have to do is join a friend’s world, complete a quest there, exit the world, rejoin, and finally keep exiting and rejoining to build up XP.

This newly discovered glitch was shared by content creator HYPEX. It is quite easy and effective, here are all the steps in detail followed by a video in case you need more guidance:

  1. Join a friend’s world in LEGO Fortnite.
LEGO Fortnite join friend world
  1. Once there, complete any quest in the Play LEGO Fortnite category.
    • Note that not all quests will work since they have to be something you can do on your friend’s world and exit. The best example of this is the “Building a crafting bench in a Survival World” or the “Find and enter a cave In a Survival World” quest.
    • If you have completed all quests, unfortunately, this glitch won’t be possible with that Fortnite account.
LEGO Fortnite Complete a quest
  1. Exit their world, receive the XP level, and rejoin.
LEGO Fortnite Quest Infinite Glitch
  1. Keep doing this to receive one additional level each time you exit. XP will continue accumulating as long as you keep exiting and rejoining their world.
    • As you can see in the image below, we repeated the process and went from Lvl 2 to Lvl 3.
LEGO Fortnite XP Glitch Explained

We tested this glitch ourselves, and it works exactly as intended. Hurry up if you want to level up your Battle Pass fast using this LEGO Fortnite glitch! It will likely get patched soon.

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