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Legendary DJ Deadmau5 Has His Own Custom Xbox Series X Console

The Xbox Series X will be with us in three days. That’s 72 hours, and everyone is feeling the hype including celebrity gamers, some of which have commissioned their own custom Xbox Series X consoles.

Canadian electro DJ Deadmau5 is the latest celebrity to order his own custom Xbox Series X. Deadmau5 is a keen gamer himself who’s just as excited as the rest of us for the new generation of games consoles.

xbox series x

An image of his custom Xbox console was shared on Reddit by user u/iTujamon. Deadmau5’s custom Xbox Series X. It looks like every other console, but Deadmau5 has had his name inscribed on the top.

The custom console also has Microsoft’s new slogan ‘Power Your Dreams’ inscribed at the bottom of the machine. The console seemingly also has an Xbox green tint across the corners, all though this may just be a tint on the camera lens instead.

You can view the custom Xbox Series X design here.

Other Custom Xbox Series X Items

Deadmau5 isn’t the only famous person to celebrate the launch of the Xbox Series X. Last week we reported that rapper Snoop Dog has managed to get his hands on a Xbox Series X fridge.

This looks like a giant console is a fully functioning fridge. It’s also limited edition, so Snoop Dog, if you’re listening, we’re rather jealous. We’d love to store our snacks and beer in a big Xbox!

We’ll be sure to share any more custom Xbox consoles that we see as the images begin to appear on social media. We’re looking forward to seeing who else has ordered one from Microsoft. We also expect there will be custom PS5s out there too.    

In other Xbox news, today, we’ve learnt that the Xbox Series S may be capable of 4K after all. We’ve also compared the boot times between the PS5 and the Xbox Series X.