There are countless dungeons in Diablo 4, each offering its fair share of gold, loot, and XP for completing them.

There’s nothing worse than having to backtrack at the end of a long dungeon. Thankfully, there are multiple ways to leave dungeons more easily in Diablo 4.

How to Leave Dungeons

There are three separate ways you can immediately leave dungeons in Diablo 4:

  1. Open up your map and click on the dungeon entrance icon
    • You will see the ‘Leave’ button appear beneath the dungeon name.
Highlighting 'Leave Dungeon' prompt in the Action Wheel in Diablo 4
Credit: ZaFrostPet
  1. Select the ‘Leave Dungeon‘ prompt in the Action Wheel – this will take you outside the entrance
    • A progress bar will appear above the player – when complete, you’ll appear outside the dungeon entrance.
Hovering over the Kylsik Plateau dungeon entrance icon in order to leave the dungeon in Diablo 4's map screen
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  1. Open a portal (down on D-pad or ‘T’ key) to teleport back to town
    • A progress bar will appear above the player – when complete you’ll appear back in town.
Using the Town Portal to leave a dungeon in Diablo 4
Credit: ZaFrostPet

Selecting the icon on the map or using the Action Wheel will transport you just outside the dungeon entrance. You can also teleport straight back to town from within the dungeon itself.

You still have the option to walk back through the completed dungeon if you so desire, in case you want to scoop up any spare gold lying about.

A lot of the time, completing dungeons is no easy task. You’ll have to battle through hordes of hellish beasts before defeating a difficult and tanky boss at the end. Thankfully, it’ll net you a nice chunk of change and a decent amount of gear and XP to upgrade your character.

One of the best incentives for completing dungeons is the opportunity to unlock Legendary Aspects for your gear. It makes completing dungeons a necessary undertaking for those looking for some of the most powerful gear attributes in the game.

Finding quicker ways of leaving dungeons will undoubtedly streamline your Diablo 4 experience, allowing you to get your next piece of loot as fast as possible.

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