One of the biggest complaints about Call of Duty is the UI, but Black Ops 6 could be getting a much more user-friendly interface!

The past few Call of Duty titles have moved away from simple list-like menus in favor of a UI made up of tiles. And while the tile images are more eye-catching than a list of text, it has proved to be unnecessarily tricky to navigate.

Fortunately, Call of Duty could be leaving this style of user interface in the past with Black Ops 6!

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Black Ops 6 Could Revamp the Call of Duty AI

Reliable Call of Duty leaker @BobNetworkUK has posted a new image on X (formerly Twitter) of a red cross through the Modern Warfare 3 UI.

While there is no text to accompany this image, we can only assume that this image means that Black Ops 6 will have a brand-new and (hopefully) improved UI compared to the past few Call of Duty titles.

If true, a new UI will be universally welcomed by Call of Duty fans. Players have complained about the tile-based user interface in Call of Duty ever since it was introduced, not only because it is hard to navigate, but also because it is prone to lagging.

The only other possibilities of the post are that Quick Play will be removed in Black Ops 6 or that the game will be separate from Call of Duty HQ. However, we can’t see either happening.

After all, Quick Play a very handy feature that allows you to select a number of your favorite playlists to potentially load into. Meanwhile, it looks almost certain that Black Ops 6 will be part of the Call of Duty HQ application.

Hopefully, we get a good look at this rumored new UI in the upcoming Black Ops 6 Direct presentation. Of course, we expect the focus to be on gameplay and the story of the campaign, but a small look at the menus would also be very welcome!

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