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Leaker Draws First GTA 6 Concept Image, Revealing New Details

A reliable gaming insider has drawn a new concept image that reveals some new details about GTA 6.

GTA 5, and particularly GTA Online are still going very strong. Millions of players are still hopping into the streets of Los Santos regularly, but that doesn’t stop many fans of the series eagerly anticipating the next installment.

While there haven’t been any GTA 6 announcements from Rockstar itself, there have been many rumors about the game. However, a reliable videogames insider has now shared a drawing of what he thinks GTA 6 will be like.

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GTA Palm Trees

GTA 6 Concept Image Reveals New Details

Videogames insider Tom Henderson has previously leaked details about the upcoming Call of Duty Vanguard as well as plenty of information about Battlefield 2042. However, he has recently revealed some very interesting information about GTA 6 as well.

Henderson’s info revealed the GTA 6 release date as well as map and character details. And now, he has decided to draw what he believes GTA 6 will look like.

In a new YouTube video, Henderson did a time-lapse of him drawing an image of what GTA 6 could look like. This glimpse features some more interesting information about the upcoming game.

Firstly it shows palm trees as well as huge skyscrapers, showing that a big city near the sea will once again be the location. There is also a mysterious beam of blue light shooting out of one of the buildings.

Also, it looks like this GTA 6 image features two of the game’s protagonists. One is a woman wielding an AK-47 and standing in front of a sports car, while the other is a man in a jetpack suit.

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This image is just a concept based on Tom Henderson‘s GTA 6 information, so it may not be totally accurate. However, this is still an exciting glimpse of what GTA 6 could look like.

In other news, there are plenty more upcoming games that players are looking forward to. Firstly, leaks suggest that Naughty Dog is making Uncharted 5 and a remake of The Last of Us for PS5.

Also, The Elder Scrolls 6 is still in the design phase. Players will have to wait a few more years before returning to Tamriel again.

Finally, Phil Spencer has revealed more Halo Infinite details and discussed the future of the series too.

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