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Leaked Warzone Plague Game Mode Could Have Zombies & a Nuke

A data miner has found a potential new Warzone game mode called Plague which combines both zombies and a nuke.

Warzone players are always looking forward to exciting new game modes. They’ll definitely be excited for this one.

A new leak has potentially revealed an upcoming game mode called Plague. Possibly featuring zombies and a nuke, this could be the best Warzone game mode yet.

Let’s at least hope that players like it more than the hated Resurgence Extreme mode. Find out all the reasons why Resurgence Extreme is terrible


Warzone Zombies Outbreak Event Shipwreck

New Warzone Zombies Game Mode – Plague

Call of Duty data miner @ZestyCODLeaks has found a load of new voice lines that have potentially leaked an upcoming game mode. The lines hint at both zombies taking over Verdansk and also dropping a nuke to end the game.

He posted a video of all of the leaked voice Warzone lines that hint at what the Plague game mode entails.

This doesn’t seem to be the end of Verdansk event, however, as a nuke being dropped has been hinted at ever since Warzone launched.

Firstly, it seems like Plague will have Warzone players deal with a spreading horde of zombies. This is suggested by the lines “Verdansk is overrun” and “avoid the plague”.

Plus, players will also need to avoid “plague zones”, which could be areas of the map full of zombies.

warzone zombies

While Zombies were introduced to Verdansk in Season 2’s Outbreak event, they are still only in Shipwreck for now.

However, Warzone players may not just be fighting zombies in Plague – they might be able to play as them too. Another voice line warns the player to not “turn into a zombie”.

Further lines then suggest that the final objective of the Plague game mode is to extract from the map by helicopter. Although an explosive fate could await players who don’t extract in time.

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Nuke Black Ops Cold War Warzone

Nuke Hitting Verdansk?

The voice line “extraction canceled, nuke inbound for Verdansk” shows what could happen if you fail to stop the zombies in the Warzone Plague game mode.

While a nuke could be dropped, the voice lines still don’t explain all of the other strange leaks surrounding the potential nuke. Apparently, the upcoming nuke event could flood Verdansk with lava.

Even if the voice lines are almost certainly real, it’s still important to remember this is just a leak. Nothing about a potential Plague game mode involving zombies in Warzone has been announced yet.

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Let’s hope that the new Zombies Plague mode can make Warzone players enjoy the game again. Many players think that Warzone is broken and not fun any more.

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