Even more PS5 Pro specs have leaked online, but the power of the CPU could end up being a huge disappointment.

While there’s been no announcement for the PS5 Pro yet, there have been plenty of leaks surrounding the upcoming console. This includes the release window of the PS5 Pro as well as some of the specs.

Now, the latest leak regarding the next PlayStation console is one that hasn’t been met with much excitement. In fact, PlayStation fans are worried that the PS5 Pro’s CPU may not be up to scratch.

New PS5 Pro Leaks Reveal CPU & Audio Enhancements

A few days ago, a huge leak revealed most of the PS5 Pro’s specs. This included details on the improved GPU as well as new AI upscaling technology. However, the exact specifications of the CPU that the PS5 Pro would use still remained under wraps.

However, Insider Gaming has since revealed even more information about Sony’s upcoming console.

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According to Insider Gaming, the PS5 Pro’s system memory will be sped up by 28% to 576 GB/s (18GT/s), and the ACM library will be 35% faster, allowing for more detailed audio. However, the PS5 Pro will use exactly the same CPU as the base PS5, with the only difference being a High CPU Frequency Mode.

The High CPU Frequency mode can boost the CPU’s performance by around 10% to 3.85GHz at the cost of reducing the GPU’s output by roughly 1%.

While the system memory and audio improvements are nice to have, using the same CPU has got PlayStation fans worried!

DualSense Controller and PS5 Console

What This Means for the PS5 Pro

While we can’t tell what the CPU will mean for the PS5 Pro’s performance until the console releases, fans have already had their say.

Many believe that the Zen 2 CPU will not be powerful enough to handle AAA titles like the upcoming GTA 6 at 4K 60 FPS. This is because the CPU could bottleneck the performance of the PS5 Pro even if the GPU is more powerful.

Additionally, the increase in system memory speed may not be enough to make a truly significant difference to performance with the PS5 Pro. Some knowledgeable commenters suggest the console could be “bandwidth starved”.

While there are certainly concerns about the power of the PS5 Pro, the saving grace could be the AI upscaling. Hopefully, this new technology is enough to get PS5 Pro games running at 4K 60 FPS despite the lackluster CPU!

Stay tuned for the official PS5 Pro announcement later this yet. We expect Sony to announce the console in a PlayStation Direct presentation in the Summer.

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