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Leaked Elden Ring Xbox One Gameplay Allegedly Appears Online

New Elden Ring Gameplay has allegedly leaked online potentially giving expectant fans their first real glimpse at From Software’s new game world.

Whilst Elden Ring is only a matter of months away, this hasn’t stopped supposed gameplay leaking online before its official release.

Earlier this year at Summer Game Fest 2021, fans were finally graced with the Elden Ring trailer. Since then, however, news surrounding the highly anticipated game has been quite scarce.

Despite this, we do already know quite a bit from the snippets of gameplay that we have seen, including Elden Ring gameplay, combat & Lore details.

Now, alleged yet highly believable in-game footage is being shared online amongst different platforms. It is, however, important to take this leak with a pinch of salt, as currently, this is unverified footage.

elden ring story gameplay lore details revealed
(Source: From Software)

Elden Ring Gameplay Supposedly Leaks Online

A highly convincing gameplay video of what appears to be Elden Ring is currently circulating online. Interestingly, there are claims that the footage is an insider video from the Xbox One version of the game.

In the video, the player character appears clad in antiquated armor befitting the game’s design. Similarly, the character is equipped with a sword, shield, and long flowing cloak, in traditional From Software style.

Next, the character looks out towards a sprawling and interconnected open world with the iconic world tree featuring prominently in the background.

Elden Ring Story and Gameplay Details
(Source: From Software)

After this, the character jumps over some rocky terrain towards a pair of eagles, before watching them take off. We are then left with a glorious view of the game world in the distance.

Whilst the footage isn’t too exciting, it does still give fans a chance to see the scope of the world, as well as its depth.

Also, although the graphics look a bit sketchy at times, if this really is footage from an Xbox One console, last-gen owners will be pleased to hear they can receive a free next-gen upgrade upon purchasing the game.

There’s also the question of whether Elden Ring will be coming to Games Pass, which we’ve already looked into for you.

Alternatively, if you’re after more Elden Ring information, check out the most recent images and details for Elden Ring.

The alleged leaked footage comes courtesy of @Okami13 on Twitter. Therefore, if you’re interested in viewing the footage for yourself, take a look below:

(Source: Twitter)

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