Images of a new model of the Xbox Series X have leaked, revealing an all-white digital version of the console!

The Xbox Series X released back in 2020, so it’s about time that Microsoft releases an updated version of the console.

While there have been rumors that there won’t be a ‘Pro’ version of the Series X with additional power, a new iteration of the console seems increasingly likely. However, it looks like this version will be more of an update rather than an upgrade.

While Microsoft itself has not announced anything about a new Xbox yet, images supposedly showing a brand-new Xbox Series X model have been shared online.

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New Digital Series X Revealed in Leaked Images

Gaming news website eXputer has shared three images of what looks like a brand-new version of the Xbox Series X, which it received via email from an anonymous source.

The images show a white Series X console with no disc drive. It has the same dimensions and ports as the standard Series X, but eXputer claims it has an improved heatsink.

While Microsoft has not revealed anything about a new version of the Series X, the images certainly look real. Additionally, Xbox’s focus on streaming and Game Pass and possible move away from physical games make a digital Series X a very real possibility.

If these leaked images are real and show a new digital Xbox Series X console, expect Microsoft to announce it very soon. This reveal would likely be ahead of the console’s release in the second half of 2024.

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