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New Leak Suggests Valorant Plans to Fix AFK Issue

Valorant plans to introduce new penalties for Ranked Play in a new leak.

As Patch 2.0 carries on, the woes are being felt by many with the Ranked Reset, Riot begins to respond to issues felt by the community.

Riot in the past has already taken steps to limit the amount of interference with Ranked Play. Creating a win-gate before allowing Ranked, limiting trolls and intentional feeders.

They have also been very quick to respond to issues as they arise. As we see Patch 2.01 comes 8 days after the release of 2.0.

Valorant Agent Jett
(Source: Riot Games)

While we watch to see how the nerf to Jett's Smoke will further increase the value of Brimstone. An Agent who has already seen improvements over Omen.

We also wait to see the impact of efforts to improve the quality of life for Ranked Play. One of the biggest issues being the large frequency of leavers.

Mainly in a leak from @ValorLeaks on Twitter, we can see they plan to address the leaver issue. Something we covered earlier in the week here.

(Source: Twitter)

However, it may not be that simple as we have been putting these penalties to the test. Finding that the fix likely only impacts one type of leaving.

By using Alt+F4, we found that you could dodge without suffering a penalty.

Of the 7 games that we dodged he did not receive a timeout or penalty for a single one.

So while this penalty is a step in the right direction, it likely will not eliminate the issue so many are dealing with.

Rather Riot will need to implement more thorough changes. However, the fact that we are already getting these changes gives me optimism for the future.

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