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New Nintendo Leak Suggests New Pokemon Direct Is Coming Soon

A new leak suggests that a Pokemon Direct event may be coming soon. How reliable is this latest Nintendo leak?

Nintendo and Pokemon leaks seem to be flying all over the place at the moment. But the good news is that this one comes from a reliable source.

A Twitter user called Kelios has a good track record when it comes to gaming leaks, especially when it comes to Nintendo games.

This time, Kelios says that Nintendo will be holding a special Nintendo Direct show in February, but one focused entirely on Pokemon.

The news comes on the same day that Nintendo officially announced a new Pokemon Snap game. Therefore, we fully expect to see more gameplay footage from the new Pokemon photography game.

However, when this leak broke, many expected the new Pokemon Direct show to provide an update about the heavily rumored Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes. – If these are even real.

Pokemon Diamond Pearl Remake

Pokemon Direct Leak May Involve Pokemon’s 25th Anniversary

If we’re honest, we think the Pokemon Direct leak from Kelios is accurate. That’s because next month happens to be Pokemon’s 25th anniversary.

If Nintendo were going to do something big, this would be the time to do it. Therefore, we have our fingers crossed for multiple announcements at the Pokemon Direct show.

Naturally, the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes are top of our list.

We hoped that Nintendo would reveal the remakes during the ISS event on the 1st of January 2021. But alas, there were no major Pokemon announcements at that event.

Every year, The Pokemon Company and Nintendo consider the 27th of February to be ‘Pokemon Day.’ Therefore, our money is on the event happening then.

Until then, we’ve got the new Pokemon Snap trailer to enjoy, and Pokemon Go of course.

In other Nintendo news, we’re sad to say that the opening of Super Nintendo World has been delayed again due to COVID-19.

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