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Leak Showcases Attack on Titan Armored Titan Skin in Warzone

It appears that Warzone players will soon be able to get their hands on a new Attack on Titan skin. And it is a massive upgrade from the previous Captain Levi skin!

Attack on Titan is taking the internet by storm with its final season. Fans of the franchise also have an opportunity to get their beloved anime’s skin in Warzone now.

A lot of news surrounding this crossover had already come to the surface. But many players were disappointed with the “Dollar Store” Attack on Titan Levi’s skin upon its release.

However, a new Operator skin leak looks like a step in the right direction.

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attack on titan reiner operator skin armored warzone pacific season 2

Warzone Pacific Season 2 Might Feature Armored Titan Reiner Operator Skin

Fans of both the franchises weren’t happy with the Attack on Titan Levi edition bundle. But a recent leak showcases a brand new Attack on Titan Operator skin.

Twitter user ‘Hydra9114‘ shared the latest Reiner Armored Titan skin, holding a rifle in Warzone. Many in the community were quick to share their excitement about the upcoming skin.

The Armored Titan has been an important part of the story and is one of the main characters in the entire series. Moreover, fans are also happy that the skin is not a “cheap cosplay” this time around.

With the Attack on Titan anime creating a massive buzz already, many fans also believe that this skin will be very popular.

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attack on titan warzone pacific season 2 new skin operator bundle

In other news, Warzone Twitch viewers are declining despite the Pacific update. Many popular streamers are refusing to come back to the game as well!

At least RICOCHET anti-cheat is working in Warzone and putting a stop to the cheaters entirely.

Finally, if you’re looking to dominate in Caldera, make sure to check out the 10 Warzone Pacific tips to win every battle royale. You never know which small change can elevate your performance!

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