A new leak regarding Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 has emerged. Rather than being about the console itself, this leak entails information on one of the games coming to the platform. It comes from a dev’s LinkedIn page, where fans quickly pointed out that it mentions the arrival of another free-to-play Battle Royale game on PS5.

Knives Out PlayStation 5 Battle Royale

The title goes by the name of ‘Knives Out’, a popular Battle Royale already available worldwide on smartphones. It has also released on Nintendo Switch, but only in Japan.

Knives Out involves deploying out of an aerial vehicle among 99 other players. The large map features a series of different points-of-interest and locations to visit and gain loot, in a bid to become the last-man-standing.

Although many have considered it to be merely a duplicate of PUBG, the title is still extremely popular. It reportedly generated  Chinese company NetEase a whopping $465 million in 2018, exceeding the likes of Fortnite and PUBG Mobile.

The LinkedIn page is from Vincent Chi, the Tencent Product Manager/Art Director. It mentions  “Sony PlayStation console PS4 PS5 full development,”  hinting at a next-gen version instead of just being backwards compatible. A next-gen version would mean the title will have significantly better graphics, and presumably a better frame rate.

Of course, there’s no way to completely verify this rumor. As legitimate as it may appear, we recommend remaining a tad skeptical still.

There’s no doubt that a PS5 version of the game will receive great success. The title has just launched in Japan on PlayStation 4, so hopefully, this will give us some indication of how a next-gen version will plan out.

Assuming the details are correct, this is one of the first PS5 games to emerge. However, there’s no doubt we’ll hear more about the titles within the near future.