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The Last Of Us Remake Will “Take Advantage” of PS5 Tech, Says Leaker

The rumored PS5 remake of The Last Of Us will be much more than improved textures, according to this leaker.

The PS5 hasn’t really had any games that push the limits of its very impressive power yet. But this could be about to change soon, according to a videogames leaker.

A leaker has revealed some new info about the rumored remake of the original The Last Of Us game. It promises to be absolutely stunning.

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the last of us

The Last Of Us Remake Details

Sony Boss Jim Ryan says that the PS5 will have “more exclusives than ever before”, and the rumors have been piling in since. A new leak from Gamereactor claims to know more details about the upcoming remake of The Last Of Us on PS5.

This follows the huge first leak that Naughty Dog is working on Uncharted 5 and a remake of The Last Of Us that surfaced a couple of weeks ago.

The leak claims that the PS5 remake of the game will be much more than The Last Of Us: Remastered, which polished the original PS3 game for the PS4. It says:

“This won’t be a “simple” improvement of resolution, framerate, and textures. The kennel is going to really take advantage of PlayStation 5’s power and features with The Last of Us: Part II engine. Not just in terms of graphics, but a few other things as well.”

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the last of us remake ps5

Therefore, players can expect Joel and Ellie to look better than ever, in the PS5 remake of The Last Of Us, alongside some other surprise changes. Whether this changes the gameplay, story, or even adds any new content is not known, but if there is any truth to this leak, then it looks very promising.

There is plenty for The Last Of Us fans to look forward to, including news of a sequel. Naughty Dog has revealed the first details about The Last Of Us Part 3.

Do you think The Last Of Us needs a remake or is it fine the way it is? Only time will tell whether this rumor is true, but it is still exciting to think about.

Meanwhile, PlayStation players will soon be able to chat using Discord. This will be huge for PS4 and PS5 owners.

Additionally, the PS5 could be getting an updated model as early as next year.

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(Source: Gamereactor)

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