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How to Unlock the Lachmann-762 in MW2 Beta and Best Loadout Build

The Lachmann-762 is a powerful Battle Rifle in the MW2 beta. Here’s how to unlock it, as well as the best loadout for the Lachmann-762.

The second (and final) weekend of the Modern Warfare 2 Beta is kicking off, and that means a lot of new players will be enjoying their first taste of MW2.

Thanks to MW2’s new Gunsmith 2.0, many loadouts for guns have become more varied than in the previous Call of Duty games. But some attachments do stand out.

One of the strongest guns in the game is the Lachmann-762 Battle Rifle, which can get you easy kills at a decent range. Here’s how to unlock this gun in MW2.

How to Unlock Lachmann-762 in Modern Warfare 2 Beta

To unlock the Lachmann-762, you simply need to reach Rank 16 in Modern Warfare 2.

Lachmann-762 in custom class creator in Modern Warfare 2 Beta

Once you’ve hit that rank, the Lachmann-762 will become available to use in custom classes.

You’ll need to level up your gun further before you can take advantage of our best loadout, so make sure to start using it in some matches. You could also use our best controller settings for MW2 to help you win!

Best Lachmann-762 Loadout Build & Attachments in MW2

  • Muzzle: Polarfire Suppressor
  • Underbarrel: Lockgrip Precision-40
  • Barrel: 15.9″ Lachmann Rapp Barrel
  • Optic: SZ Mini
  • Stock: Meer Recoil-56 Factory Stock
Lachmann-762 Loadout in Modern Warfare 2 Beta

The aim of this loadout is to increase the recoil control, both in single-fire and auto-fire mode. This Battle Rifle already offers extremely high damage, so maximizing the recoil control, accuracy, and range stats make it deadlier.

If it doesn’t feel like the Lachmann-762 suits your playstyle, find out the best guns in the Modern Warfare 2 Beta.

Using the Lachmann-762 can also lead you to play with the best loadout for the Lachmann Sub in the MW2 Beta.

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