In The Indigo Disk, players will have to take part in a Pokemon Quiz for Lacey’s Elite Trial where too many wrong answers will have consequences.

Before taking on Lacey, the Fairy-type Elite 4 member of the BB League, you’ll need to pass a Pokemon-themed quiz.

Don’t worry if you’re struggling though, as we’ve got an answer guide for you below:

All Pokemon Quiz Answers for Lacey’s Elite Trial

Here are all the Pokemon quiz answers you need for Lacey’s Elite Trial in The Indigo Disk DLC for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet:

  1. Cheeks
  2. Eyes
  3. The Middle Sinistea
  4. The Far Right Minior
  5. Tummy

Below, we break down each answer and explain why that one is the correct choice.

Cleared Lacey's Elite Trial in Pokemon Scarlet Violet

In Which Part of Its Body Does a Pikachu Store Electricity?

Answer: Cheeks

As fans of the anime will know, Pikachu’s electric sacs are in its iconic red cheeks, which is why Ash’s Pikachu often slaps its cheeks before unleashing a powerful electric attack.

Where Does Pikachu Store Electricity

Several Pokedex entries also allude to this, for example the Pokemon Scarlet entry for Pikachu reads:

“When it is angered, it immediately discharges the energy stored in the pouches in its cheeks.”

Which Part of a Venonat’s Body Functions Like Radar?

Answer: Eyes

There’s a reason that Venonat eyes are so large – the Pokemon uses them to see perfectly, no matter its surroundings.

Venonat Radar Eyes in The Indigo Disk

The Pokemon Violet Pokedex entry for Venonat reads:

“Its eyes act as radar, enabling it to be active in darkness. The eyes can also shoot powerful beams.”

Which Sinistea is an Antique Form Sinistea?

Answer: The Middle Sinistea

There’s only one discernable difference between all three Sinistea – a marking on the bottom that’s only visible when the Pokemon spins around.

This is the stamp of authenticity that separates the Antique and Phony forms!

Which Sinistea is Antique Form Pokemon Scarlet Violet

It appears that the middle Sinistea will be the correct answer for all players, as the location of the stamp doesn’t change.

Which Minior is the Pink One You Saw First?

Answer: The Far Right Minior

This one is tricky because Lacey doesn’t tell you what you’re looking for until after the Pokemon have mixed themselves around.

Which minior is the Pink One The Indigo Disk

However, the pink Minior that’s first shown to the player eventually ends up on the far right-hand side of the screen.

Which Part of Granbull Does Lacey Use As a Pillow?

Answer: Tummy

There’s no real way to know this answer, as far as we can tell. But Granbull’s belly looks like the softest part of its body, so it’s a fair guess on our part.

Granbull in Lacey's Elite Trial The Indigo Disk

Luckily, it’s also the correct answer.

What Happens If You Get the Wrong Answer?

If a player gets the answer wrong to any one question twice in a row, they’ll face a trainer battle. There’s no way to actually fail Lacey’s Elite Trial, but each question presents the opportunity for a strong battle should your Pokemon knowledge not be up to scratch.

What’s more, Lacey will make a comment about you having to battle your way through, once the quiz is over.

But there are no negative consequences to failing any question in the test, so those who fancy an extra grind may want to do so on purpose.

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