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Kirby and the Forgotten Land: Find All Figures Collection in Everbay Coast

A big reason why Kirby’s adventures are so addictive is that they are packed with collectibles. Forgotten Land is no different as the collectibles are adorable little figures that immortalize essential characters or moments.

The description of those items is fan service at its finest, and there are plenty of them for you to collect on the Everbay Coast.

An important thing to note is that the figures are randomized. This will make it much harder for you to complete your collection and give subsequent playthroughs more meaning.

Finding them all is very fun, rewarding, and a must-complete challenge for the completionists.

Did you free all the hidden Waddle Dees in Everbay Coast? Here’s where to find them. Also, if you’re a completionist, the secret missions are a MUST.


Where to Find All Figures in Everbay Coast

You can add eight figures to your Kirby and the Forgotten Land collection in Everbay Coast.

All Figures in Abandoned Beach

  • First Figure:
    • From the island of the first warp star, swim towards the big rock to the righ to pick up the first figure.
  • Second Figure:
    • On the cave river, navigate on the main path until you see a bright yellow staircase. Climb up and pick up the second fiugre.
Kirby Forgotten Land Hidden Figure Teleport Star

All Figures in Concrete Isles

  • First Figure:
    • When you first encounter the drill enemy, defeat all enemies and a platform will rise from underwater. Drill in the special item places to find the first figure hidden underground.
  • Second Figure:
    • Right after that, continue on the main path and swim to the far right of the next fence pool, past the obstacles to find your next figure.

Did you see the new abilities of Kirby?! Talk about a cute and powerful combo!

Kirby Forgotten Land Hidden Figure Stair

All Figures in Scale the Cement Summit

  • First Figure:
    • At the start of the level, continue on the main path until you see two similar platforms each with a pool in the middle. Go to the platform on the left and trigger the bomb in the middle by hitting it. It will reveal the first fiugre.
  • Second Figure:
    • After defeating Fleurina in a fight, proceed on the main path until you see a small pool in the far left corner next to a small corridor. Break the box in the middle of the pool and collect the second figure.
Kirby Forgotten Land Ice Power Toy

All Figures in Fast-Flowing Waterworks

  • First Figure:
    • Proceed on the main path until you reach the industrial area. Near the end of the area, right before the door to the next one, a figure is hiding behind a terminal.
  • Second Figure:
    • In the next area, use your mouthful ability to swallow a staircase and put it on the first button you encounter. It will open a door and reveal the last figure in the level.
Kirby Forgotten Land Hidden Figure Behind Console

At long last, you have completed your Everbay Coast figures collection in Kirby Forgotten Land.

If you’re looking to 100% the first level, Natural Plains too:

Check out the official store page of the game for more info!

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