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Kirby and the Forgotten Land: All Missions in Everbay Coast

Kirby is back and better than ever! His latest adventure truly shows why the franchise shines as one of Nintendo’s most iconic. Here are all the Missions you will need to complete in Everbay Coast, Kirby and the Forgotten Land’s second area.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is the latest entry in the fabled Kirby world. Packed with tons of content and, as always, collectibles. Its addictive gameplay makes for a highly replayable and enjoyable experience.

If you’re looking to 100% the game, you’re going to have to put some time into the mission. Each stage has its own missions that require performing unique activities. This gives players a great incentive to explore every corner of the map and take in the entire experience.

If you missed some on the first level, don’t worry! You can always replay it. Here are all the missions in Natural Plains!

How to Complete All Missions in Everbay Coast

There are 25 missions on Everbay Coast. Here’s how to complete them:

All Missions in Abandoned Beach

  • Clear the stage: Clear the stage with any percent of completion
  • Save the hidden Waddle Dees: Here’s a complete guide to finding all Waddle Dees in Everbay Coast!
  • Crack open three Knock-Knot Nuts:
    • The firts nut resides right at the start of the level, under the first palm tree.
    • The second nut is located on the same small island as the first warp star
    • The last nut is located in the urban area of the level. When you see the captive Waddle Dees, swim to the right and you will see the last Knock-Knut.
  • Destroy the animal sand sculpture: After defeating the first mini boss, “Wild Bonkers”, head to the far right corner of the map. You can see a dog sculpture there.
  • Complete the sign on the rooftop: Upon reaching the urban area of the level, you will find a sign with a missing letter. The letter “O” can be found immediately after. Swallow the letter and move within the sign.

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Kirby Forgotten Land All Missions Stage 1 Everbay Coast

All Missions in Concrete Isles

  • Clear the Stage
  • Save the hidden Waddle Dees
  • Greet three sea birds:
    • The first sea bird is located next to the very first platform on the map
    • The second sea bird can be found after you first encounter the drill enemy. Navigate forward in the vortex waters, the bird can be found near a vortex next to a platform
    • The last bird can is next to the platform that holds the first warp star
  • Make landfall on the isle of treasure: Next to the platform that holds the first warp star, navigate next to the fence until you find a little sunken bit of it. Jump over it and go to the treasure island.
  • Dig up a maxim tomato: Dig up the very last dig spot on the map before the captive Waddle Dees using the drill ability.

If you’re a completionist at heart, here’s how to find all figures in the first level of Kirby’s new adventure!

Kirby Forgotten Land All Missions Stage 2 Everbay Coast

All Missions in Scale The Cement Summit

  • Clear the Stage
  • Save the hidden Waddle Dees
  • Remove three wanted posters:
    • The first wanted poster is located on the very first platform, after climbing the first stair you encounter
    • The second wanted poster can be found after the Fleurina fight. It resides next to the small pool of water.
    • The last wanted poster resides right after the flying portion of the level. Upon reaching the land, head over to the right part of the room.
  • Avoid the spikes in the secret room: Pick up Fleurinas power and navigate upstairs. Head to the far left on the small corridor and enter the secret room. Pass on the spikes using the power to avoid damage.
  • Freeze Fleurina with an ice ability: Upon taking the first warp star, two power ups can be found right next where you are teleported. Pick the ice power and use it in the Fleurina battle to complete the mission.
Kirby Forgotten Land All Missions Everbay Coast Stage 3

All Missions in Fast-Flowing Waters

  • Clear the Stage
  • Save the hidden Waddle Dees
  • Eat three tins of fish:
    • After you reach the end of the first waterfall, jump on the platform and a small blue light will appear on a power box. Walk into it and the first tin is revealed.
    • After you first reach the stairs part of the level, progress until you see the burning logs. On the platform under the burning logs, press the button. Using the platform that rises from underwater, swallow a staircase and bring it to the logs. Climb on the staircase and use the ice power to extinguish the logs.
    • In the final part of the level, progress until you see the big vortex. On the edge of the vortex, the last tin is spinning with it.
  • Win the battle without falling into the water: When you reach the unavoidable fight, remain on the small bridge and defeat the enemies without falling in the water.
  • Find the golden fish: The golden fish resides between the two stairs, right after you first see the big stairs you mouthful.
Kirby Stage 2 Final Missions

All missions in The Tropical Terror

  • Clear The Stage
  • Clear without using a Copy Ability
  • Destroy Tropic Wood’s Roots
  • Clear within 2:00
  • Clear without taking any damage
Kirby Stage 2 Boss Missions

These are all the missions you need to complete in Kirby and the Forgotten Land’s Everbay Coast!

Kirby’s got some upgrades for his latest adventure! Check out all the upgraded copy abilities here.

Find more info about the game on the official store page.

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