Unleash chaos in the latest Fortnite season with the thrilling addition of the Kinetic Boomerang! As avid players know, each season brings new weapons, and this boomerang is poised to make a splash in the game.

If you’re ready to drop into the Island and wield this remarkable throwable weapon, you’ll need to know exactly how to acquire it.

Here are all the methods available to locate this formidable weapon and harness its full power when fighting enemy players!

How to Find Kinetic Boomerang in Fortnite

You can find the Kinetic Boomerang in various ways, including:

Additionally, you could always try and kill another player wielding this weapon. Although, this may be a trickier method.

Kinetic Boomerang Fortnite

Where to Find Guaranteed Kinetic Boomerang Spawns in Fortnite

Two guaranteed locations exist for the Kinetic Boomerang:

  • East side of Rumble Ruins
  • North side of Shady Stilts

In these areas, the Kinetic Boomerang will always spawn, so if you want to get your hands on it, ensure you are the first to arrive!

Kinetic Boomerang Fortnite Locations

Rumble Ruins

  • Found on the East part of Rumble Ruins.
  • It is located on a pedestal in front of a monument in the water.
Kinetic Boomerang Fortnite in Rumble Ruins

Shady Stilts

  • You can find the Kinetic Boomerang by entering the building north of the POI’s name on the map
  • Inside the building, you will discover the Boomerang placed on a pedestal.

There are two controls for players to use when wielding the Kinetic Boomerang:

  • Throw:
    • PlayStation: R2
    • Xbox: RT
    • PC: Left Mouse Click
  • In Flight: Detonate & Recall
    • PlayStation: L2
    • Xbox: LT
    • PC: Right Mouse Click

After using the Detonate and Recall button, the Kinetic Boomerang will explode, causing damage to players in the area, before returning to your hand.

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