MW3 Zombies has its first Duplication Glitch already, and this one lets you clone a Killstreak and shred through undead hordes in MWZ.

A brand-new Call of Duty Zombies experience means only one thing for certain – there will be new glitches to find and exploit.

As expected, MWZ is no exception to the rule, and this new Killstreak Duplication Glitch is something that’ll come in handy consistently in your runs.

Update (11/17/23): Activision has now patched the Killstreak Duplication glitch in MW3 Zombies!

How to Duplicate Killstreaks

Using MW3 Zombies’ new Killstreak Duplication Glitch, users can infinitely duplicate Precision Airstrikes, Mortar Strikes, or Cluster Mines to their heart’s content.

This trick only works with the Killstreaks listed above, due to how each one is activated.

Here’s how to duplicate your Killstreak:

  1. First, find a Precision Airstrike, Mortar Strike, or Cluster Mine from Buy Stations or by looting containers or completing Contracts
Buy Station Precision Airstrike in MWZ
  1. Then, press Right on the D-Pad (or 3 on Keyboard) to pull it out, as if you’re about to use it
Using a Precision Airstrike in MW3 Zombies
  1. But before you fire away, press Down on the D-Pad / Tab to open your Backpack
  2. Then, tab over to your Killstreak and press X/A/Right Click to drop it on the ground
Dropping the Precision Airstrike in MW3 Zombies
  1. However, you’ll still have the Killstreak in your hands, which you can now use!
  2. Finally, pick up your dropped Killstreak, and you can use it again infinitely by repeating this method
Duplicating the Precision Airstrike Killstreak in MW3 Zombies

With this trick, you won’t be able to fill your inventory with Killstreaks, or hand them out to squad members.

But what you can do is ensure that your Precision Airstrike is never actually used up, meaning you can keep spamming it forever without it running out.

The New Best XP Farm Method?

Why not combine it with MWZ’s best weapon XP farming trick, by repeatedly calling in Exfils, and using your streaks on the zombie horde that spawns?

Taking out a horde of undead enemies with a Killstreak will give you approximately one level of XP for the gun you have equipped!

Farming Zombies in MWZ Exfil Site

Bear in mind that you can be downed by your own Killstreaks, which would make for a disappointing end to your run.

However, with the PhD Flopper Perk, you’ll be able to make yourself completely invincible to Precision Airstrikes and Mortar Strikes, which can make this farming trick even easier!

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