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When Is the Kafka Banner Release Date in Honkai Star Rail?

The character that fans can't stop talking about might be arriving sooner than you'd think...

Even before launch, Kafka quickly became one of the most popular characters in Honkai: Star Rail and fans may soon be able to pull on her banner!

From the very first moments of Honkai: Star Rail’s campaign, it’s clear what an amazing character Kafka is. In fact, the violin-playing, gun-toting Stellaron Hunter is not only the first person we see in the game – she’s also the first character we play as.

But if you want to get Kafka on your team for good, you’ll need to know when and where to find her.

How to Get Kafka in Honkai Star Rail

When Is Kafka Releasing in Honkai: Star Rail?

Kafka’s is now confirmed to release in the Honkai: Star Rail 1.2 update.

Although the 1.2 update doesn’t have a release date locked in just yet, it is expected to launch around July 19, 2023.

In the 1.2 update, Kafka will have her own banner. This will allow players to roll for the character, and get a 50/50 shot of getting her on their first 5-Star roll.

If the first 5-Star they roll isn’t Kafka, the character will be guaranteed to be the next 5-Star acquired from that banner. For more information, players should see our guide on how the Pity system works in Honkai: Star Rail.

Although Kafka isn’t yet in the game, here are all the playable characters in Honkai: Star Rail and how to unlock each one.

Is Kafka Getting a Banner in Honkai: Star Rail?

Yes, as one Honkai: Star Rail’s most popular characters, Kafka is coming alongside her own banner in V1.2.

Players won’t have to wait long in order to get their hands on the iconic Stellaron Hunter.

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Kafka Playing Violin Honkai Star Rail

Who Is Kafka in Honkai: Star Rail?

Kefka is a member of the Stellaron Hunters, known for being calm, collected, and beautiful. However, as we can see from the opening moments of Star Rail, the character also has an aggressive side.

She appears on the Interastral Peace Corportation’s wanted list, where there is little known about her other than that she likes collecting coats.

Kafka is one of Destiny’s Slave Elio’s most trusted members, working to ensure that the leader’s vision of the future comes to fruition.

Honkai Star Rail Kafka All Combat Skills

Kafka Combat Skills

Path: The Nihility
Element: Lightning

Skill TypeNameDescription
Basic AttackMidnight TumultSingle Attack
Skill (Blast)Caressing MoonlightDeals 70% of Kafka’s ATK as Lightning DMG to a target enemy and 25% of Kafka’s ATK as Lightning DMG to enemies adjacent to the target. If the target enemy is already taking DoT, immediately deals equal to 100% of all current DoT effect the enemy has.
Ultimate (AoE)Twilight TrillDeals 38% of Kafka’s ATK as Lightning DMG to all enemies. There is a 100% base chance for enemies to be Shocked and immediately take DMG equal to 82% of received DMG. When Shocked, enemies receive 64% of Kafka’s ATK as Lightning DoT at the start of their turn.
TechniqueMercy Is Not ForgivenessImmediately attacks the enemy. After entering battle, deals 50% of Kafka’s ATK as Lightning DMG to a random enemy. In addition, all enemies have a 100% base chance of being Shocked for 3 turn(s). While Shocked, enemies will take 50% of Kafka’s ATK as Lightning DoT at the start of each turn.

If you’re saving up for Kafka, here’s how to get 80 free pulls and 1600 Stellar Jade in Honkai: Star Rail!

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