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June Pokemon Presents Event Will Announce Release Dates, Says Leaker

Another Pokemon Presents event is coming in June!

2021 promises to be a huge year for Pokemon. Players have already enjoyed taking pictures of all their favorites in Pokemon Snap, but this will just be the start of Pokemon this year.

It looks like we could be getting the official release dates for a couple of new Pokemon games very soon.

June Pokemon Presents Event

June promises to be a huge month for gaming announcements, like it usually is. There has already been a huge leak revealing what Nintendo is showcasing at E3.

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However, reliable Nintendo leaker Kelios has revealed that some huge information about the Pokemon franchise won’t be announced at this year’s E3. Instead, the release date of two upcoming Pokemon games will be announced at a Pokemon Presents event in June.

While we already knew that some huge Pokemon and Zelda was on the way soon, the release dates for two Pokemon games is huge.

Leaker Kelios tweeted:

“Pokemon Presents incoming early June to announce Pokemon UNITE release, BDSP release date etc.”

Hopefully, the huge Nintendo Switch shortage will be over by then, so you can play all the games when they release later this year.

Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite, Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Release Date Announcements

This means that finally, fans could hear more about the upcoming Pokemon UNITE. This is a free-to-play Pokemon MOBA for Switch and mobile that was officially announced last year.

It is currently undergoing beta testing and, we will apparently be getting a release date at the June Pokemon Presents.

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However, even more exciting is the news that we will apparently be getting a release date for the upcoming Pokemon Brillant Diamond & Shining Pearl games. These will be remakes of the classic DS games Diamond & Pearl and will let players explore the Sinnoh region with updated graphics.

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Let’s hope this leaker is right that we will find out about these release dates soon. We also don’t know the exact date for the June Pokemon Presents event but stay tuned for more information.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Meanwhile, Nintendo fans are also excited about the long-rumored Switch Pro console which will supposedly have 4k support. Although, players might have to buy one if the Switch Pro has exclusive games.

Also, an online retailer has leaked the release date of Splatoon 3!

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