The following Pokemon Legendary, Mega, and Shadow Pokemon will be available to battle in Raids in June 2023:

  • Uxie (Asia-Pacific)
  • Mesprit (Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India)
  • Azelf (The Americas and Greenland)
  • Nihilego
  • Heatran
  • Mega Swampert
  • Mega Sceptile
  • Shadow Articuno

By far the best times to catch the Legendary Pokemon appearing this month are the June 2023 Pokemon GO Raid Hours. This is because the number of Tier 5 Raids taking place will be greatly increased during these events.

However, Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf will remain region-exclusive even during these Raid Hours.

You’ll also want to know how to battle in Shadow Raids in Pokemon GO if you want to get yourself a Shadow Articuno! Not only are they more challenging than standard Raids, but you’ll want to use Purified Gems to weaken the Shadow Raid boss.

Pokemon GO Azelf Mesprit Uxie

June 2023 Pokemon GO Legendary, Mega & Shadow Raid Dates

The table below shows the dates when each of these Pokemon will be available to battle in Raids and whether you can catch the shiny versions.

PokemonDate in RaidsShiny Available
Uxie Pokemon GO

June 1 - 15

(Asia Pacific)

Mesprit Pokemon GO

June 1-15

(Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India )

Azelf Pokemon GO

June 1-15

(The Americas and Greenland)

Mega Swampert
Mega Swampert Pokemon GO

June 1-15

Mega Sceptile
Mega Sceptile Pokemon GO

June 15-29

Shadow Articuno

Articuno Pokemon GO

June 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, and 25

Nihilego Pokemon GO

June 15-29

Heatran Pokemon GO

June 29 - July 12


As the shiny version of each of these Pokemon will be available to catch, you might want to find out how likely it is to encounter one. Check out our Pokemon GO shiny odds guide to find out the exact shiny rate for all of these Pokemon!

Also, the debut of shiny Nihilego definitely suggests that shiny versions of all of the other Ultra Beasts in Pokemon GO will be coming to the game soon.

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