A new month in Pokemon GO means a new Spotlight Hour schedule to look forward to – and July 2023 has some very exciting featured Pokemon.

Every Tuesday from 6 PM to 7 PM local time, a new Spotlight Hour with a new featured Pokemon begins. In addition to the increased spawns for the featured Pokemon, every Spotlight Hour also has an in-game bonus that increases how much Candy, Stardust, or XP you can earn.

Every Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour in July 2023

These are the dates, featured Pokemon, and event bonuses for the Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours in July 2023:

  • July 4 – Rufflet
    • Bonus: 2x Stardust for catching Pokemon
  • July 11 – Wailmer
    • Bonus: 2x XP for catching Pokemon
  • July 18 – Rhyhorn
    • 2x Candy for catching Pokemon
  • July 25 – Yungoos
    • Bonus: 2x Candy for transferring Pokemon
Pokemon GO Rufflet

The most exciting Spotlight Hour of July 2023 is certainly Rufflet, as this Pokemon can usually only be obtained by hatching Eggs. It being featured in a Spotlight Hour will allow everyone to easily farm Rufflet Candy!

So you can make the most of all of the Spotlight Hours this month, and maximize how much Candy you can earn, check out our Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours guide.

Pokemon GO July 2023 Spotlight Hours
Credit: Niantic

It’s not just the featured Pokemon that make the July 2023 Spotlight Hours so great. It is also that the shiny versions of each of the featured ‘Mon are available.

This makes July perfect for adding the shiny versions of Rufflet, Wailmer, Rhyhorn, and Yungoos to your Pokedex!

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