The Jiukoum Shrine is one of the tricker Shrines of Light in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Thankfully, we’ve got a step-by-step guide to help you complete each of the puzzles with ease!

If you’re struggling with the Built For Rails puzzles, here’s a full walkthrough with images of each solution.

How to Solve Built for Rails Puzzles – TOTK Jiukoum Shrine Walkthrough

First Puzzle

To solve the first puzzle in Jiukoum Shrine, players simply need to use Ultrahand to attach the two square platforms together side-by-side.

Jiukoum Shrine Solution First Puzzle Tears of the Kingdom

Then, place your new rectangular platform on the rails ahead, and hop on. The platform will grind along the rails and get you to the other side with ease!

How to Reach the Treasure Chest

Players wanting to reach the nearby Treasure Chest can stick together the platforms to form a ramp.

Inside, you’ll find a Sticky Elixir, which grants 7 minutes, 10 seconds of Slip Resistance. It’s not needed for this Shrine of Light, but it’s a nice thing to have to hand.

Jiukoum Treasure Chest

Second Puzzle

For the second puzzle, players need to put together a platform that won’t be able to fall off the rails at the first turn.

There are a few ways to solve this puzzle, but here’s our solution:

Grab the long platform and attach two square platforms to either side with Ultrahand.

Second Puzzle Jiukoum Shrine Solution Zelda TOTK
Add one final platform to the bottom to complete a square that fully encloses the rail.

Then, complete the square with one final platform. This way, the rail is fully enclosed and your new vehicle cannot fall off mid-grind.

Use Ultrahand to move the platforms onto the rail using the exposed end. Then hop on, and prepare to move, in case your new construction rotates mid-ride.

Completing the Second Puzzle in Jiukoum Shrine
Be wary of your ride rotating as you turn corners!

Third Puzzle

The third and final puzzle of the Jiukoum Shrine looks intimidating but it actually has a simple solution.

Take the long platform, and lie it on its side with Ultrahand. Then, use the same power to attach a small platform on either end, and one in the middle, facing out.

Jiukoum Third Puzzle Solution Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

These will be the stabilizers that fit between each rail, keeping the platform balanced.

Then, add the three fans to the back of the large platform, ensuring they won’t touch the rails.

Place your new ride down, making certain that the small platforms on either side sit comfortably between the rails. Then, stand on top and hit one of the fans to kick-start your ride.

Finishing Jiukoum Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

Thanks to the central stabilizer, you’ll move smoothly to the new rail ahead.

And just like that, Jiukoum Shrine will be complete!

Jiukoum Shrine Location & Map

The Jiukoum Shrine is located at 0866, -2276, 0141 in the Faron Grasslands.

The Shrine of Light is just south of the Popla Foothills.

Jiukoum Shrine Location & Map
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