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JGOD Calls Warzone “Basically Unplayable” in Season 4 Reloaded

Warzone is hitting new lows, and JGOD calls the game “basically unplayable in Season 4 Reloaded.

If you’re a Warzone fan, you’ll almost certainly have noticed a decline in Activision’s Battle Royale over the last few months. Many players believe the issues began with the introduction of Black Ops Cold War content in Warzone, but it’s not too clear-cut.

After all, while many fans still believe Black Ops Cold War is a downgrade from Modern Warfare, that’s far from the biggest issue in Warzone.

Lately, cheaters have been getting worse in Activision’s Battle Royale. And it’s causing a lot of players to quit Warzone completely, thanks to cheaters in every game.

(Source: Activision)

Thankfully, there’s a way for PlayStation gamers to avoid cheaters in Warzone, at least a little. But even that isn’t enough to save the game for many fans.

Warzone Is Basically Unplayable Due to Cheaters – JGOD

When a top content creator like JGOD calls your game unplayable, you know Warzone is in danger.

Even major streamer NICKMERCS is quitting Warzone Battle Royale, with his channel becoming more and more dedicated to watching others play the game.

But why is the Battle Royale so hard to deal with right now? Well, it’s been a long time since our last major ban wave took effect.

And on top of that, JGOD points out that many cheaters caught will get a ban, only to start a new account the following day. To Activision shareholders, that looks like the publisher is actually bringing in new accounts daily, which paints the wrong picture altogether.

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(Source: Activision)

In a new video, JGOD spectates yet another Warzone player who brags about cheating live on Twitch. The malicious player reportedly believes that they’re only bringing awareness to the cheating problem, which the YouTuber scoffs at.

JGOD goes on to point out that while Warzone is “basically unplayable” at this point, there’s nothing out there to replace it. Although many gamers are enjoying the Halo Infinite Tech Preview this weekend, the upcoming shooter does little to replace a Battle Royale.

And although Battlefield 2042 is rumored to have a Battle Royale in the future, it won’t have one at launch either.

But can you make a Battle Royale inside the new Battlefield 2042 Portal mode?

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