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JGOD Says Warzone on Console “Needs FOV Slider” – Comparison Vs PC

YouTuber JGOD has revealed exactly what he thinks about the lack of FOV slider in console versions of Warzone.

One of the most controversial topics for Warzone players is field of view. Having a higher field of view allows players to see more of their surroundings, making the game easier.

However, adjusting your FOV in Warzone is only available to PC players. This is just one of the major advantages Warzone players on PC have.

Therefore, many Warzone console players are desperate for an FOV slider on PlayStation and Xbox. What’s more, the voice of the Warzone community JGOD has now weighed in on the debate.

But first, check out the side-by-side Warzone PC Vs Console FOV difference.


JGOD Believes Warzone Needs an FOV Slider on Console

JGOD isn’t afraid to address some of the most controversial issues in the Warzone community. Previously, he revealed that he thinks Warzone isn’t dead just yet, despite many players claiming otherwise.

Now, in his latest video, he has addressed the FOV slider issue that is so important for Warzone console players. In the video, he compared gameplay on 80 FOV to that of 110 and showed the huge difference it makes.

This helped him come to the conclusion that Warzone needs some form of FOV slider on PlayStation and Xbox to make the game fair.

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“I hope they do add an FOV slider. Hopefully they bring it witht this leaked anti-cheat that is supposed to come with Vanguard.”


Unfortunately, this seems very unlikely as Activision previously said that Warzone will not get an FOV Slider on console.

However, one great change JGOD recommends to all players is playing on a monitor instead of a TV. This is because monitors have much less input delay than TVs.

Are you still holding out for an FOV slider on console version of Warzone? Let’s hope it arrives at some point!

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Meanwhile, a huge Warzone leak has revealed the upcoming horror move Halloween operator skin. This looks like it could be the most popular operator skin yet.

Also, Warzone players were totally disappointed by the ‘boring’ Battle of Verdansk event. Lets hope that the Season 5 Reloaded event called ‘The Numbers’ will be more exciting.

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