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JGOD Predicts Warzone Season 3 Meta Weapons After Huge Nerfs

Will these be the meta weapons for the upcoming Warzone Season 3?

All Warzone players will know that the game isn’t particularly balanced right now. However, developer Raven Software has already announced a number of changes to the most powerful weapons in the game right now.

The Sykov, FFAR, AUG, and M16 will all get nerfs in Warzone soon, but what will replace them as the meta weapons? JGOD has a pretty good idea.

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Warzone Season 3 Meta Weapons

In a new tweet, trusted Warzone weapons tester JGOD revealed what guns he thinks will become the new meta after the game’s most overpowered guns are nerfed. He included predictions for both long-range guns as well as weapons that are perfect for close-quarters combat.

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Best Long-Range Assault Rifles in Warzone Season 3

The burst-fire tactical rifles have dominated the long ranges in Warzone ever since the start of Season 2. The AUG got a huge recoil nerf but then the M16 just took over as the tactical rifle of choice.

However, with both set to get nerfs soon, JGOD predicts that the CR-56 AMAX will make a return to the summit of Warzone’s most powerful weapons. He also hopes that a couple of the old classics, the M4A1 and Grau will also return to the meta.

Check out the best loadouts for a couple of these guns below:

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Meta Close-Range Guns in Warzone Season 3

The close-range meta was recently dominated by the FFAR, even after the stealth nerf to it. However, a new challenger appeared out of nowhere a few days ago.

This full-auto Akimbo Sykov loadout shreds enemies twice as fast as the FFAR. Many players are saying that the Sykov meta is the worst state Warzone has ever been in.

However, with the Sykov and FFAR getting nerfs soon, this opens up new guns to enter the close-range Warzone meta in Season 3.

JGOD believes that the MAC-10, Bullfrog, JAK-12, Akimbo M19s, and both MP5s could make for a varied close-range meta in Warzone Season 3.

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Check out the best loadouts for all these guns below:

Meanwhile, the Warzone nuke event is right around the corner now. Find out the Verdansk nuke event date and time here.

This will launch into Warzone Season 3. Leaks have revealed some of the weapons coming in Season 3 as well as one of the new operators.

Finally, Warzone players have found the skin that could be even better than Roze. This is a must-have with the incoming Roze skin changes.

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