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JGOD Reveals How To Get an Easy Lobby in Warzone & Beat SBMM

Find out how to get easy Warzone lobbies, according to YouTuber JGOD.

Warzone puts players into lobbies with other players of a similar skill level. This algorithm is called skill-based matchmaking or SBMM.

SBMM is a highly contentious issue in Warzone. However, YouTuber JGOD has used a recent test to show players how to get easy lobbies in Warzone.

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How To Beat Warzone SBMM

Youtuber JGOD found the best way to get put in an easy Warzone lobby. His video uses all of the information found by Redditor dispassionDOTblog which revealed exactly how Warzone SBMM works.

The key to getting in easy Warzone lobbies is by playing at the right time. This includes both time of day and the day itself.

But first, make sure you know how to find your Warzone SBMM level.

This is because Warzone’s SBMM system is less effective when there are fewer players playing. But what times are best to play to ensure easy lobbies?

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Best Times To Play Warzone For Easy Lobbies

JGOD says the best time to play Warzone is early in the morning. Playing from 4 AM – 11 AM reduces how effective SBMM in Warzone is, meaning you are more likely to get an easy lobby then.

Unfortunately, most players can’t play at these times because they’re either asleep or at work. However, full-time content creators can usually play then and that is why people believe they get easy lobbies.

Find out whether top Warzone streamers like NICKMERCS and Aydan actually get easier lobbies here.

The best days to play Warzone to get easy lobbies are Wednesday and Thursday. On the other hand, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are days where SBMM is most effective and so it will more likely put you in a difficult lobby.

The only other option Warzone players can use to get easy lobby is by using a VPN like these streamers did to manipulate SBMM. However, this is not advised, especially as Raven Software has just banned another load of cheaters.

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Meanwhile, Warzone players can look forward to the new map coming out soon. Check out the first image of the new Warzone map here, or find out all the leaked details about the increased player count and POIs here.

Also, Warzone players want the return of a night time mode to Verdansk.

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Wednesday 15th of June 2022

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