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JGOD Reveals How Overpowered “Crazy” Warzone Aim Assist is

Call of Duty gun-testing YouTuber JGOD has revealed how insanely overpowered the aim assist in Warzone is.

Most FPS games have some kind of aim assist, especially on console. However, Warzone seems to take aim assist to the next level sometimes.

This “crazy” level of aim assist has been demonstrated perfectly in a new clip by JGOD. You won’t see Warzone the same after watching this.

But first, find out how to get maximum aim assist in Warzone.


Is Warzone AIm Assit Overpowered?

JGOD is an expert when it comes to all of the weapons in Call of Duty and has all the answers on how to get more kills in Warzone. What’s more he has also revealed his top tips for long-range accuracy in Warzone.

However, one of the most important factors in hitting your shots in is aim assist. Now, JGOD has revealed exactly how powerful it is.

In a new clip, JGOD runs a test where an enemy drops down right in front of him. At the start, he is aiming straight forwards out of a window, however, after the player drops in front of him, he is aiming at the floor.

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This clip shows exactly how strong the aim assist in Warzone is – JGOD calls it “crazy”. Even without moving your crosshairs, Warzone will automatically track enemies who move past you.

And while some players like this level of aim assist, others really don’t. In fact Dr Disrespect is ready to quit Warzone because of aim assist.

What do you think about aim assist in Warzone? There’s no denying that it is very strong, but is it too powerful?

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Meanwhile, players have once again revealed why Warzone needs an FOV slider on console. This, along with aim assist, are the main differences between PC and console versions of Warzone.

Finally, find out how to watch the Call of Duty Vanguard reveal event in Warzone. It’ll be arriving in Verdansk very soon!

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