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JGOD Reveals The Biggest Warzone Loadout Mistake for Cold War Guns

Warzone players are making a huge loadout mistake, according to JGOD.

JGOD has revealed in his new video that many Warzone players are making a big mistake with their loadouts.

Many players totally overlook the bullet velocity of guns but it makes a huge difference in every gunfight. However, increasing the bullet velocity is more difficult than it seems.

The attachments on Cold War weapons don’t do what they say in the menus. This is one of the reasons why players want all of the Cold War guns removed from Warzone.

Warzone Loadout Mistake

The Biggest Warzone Loadout Mistake

The biggest loadout mistake in Warzone is picking the wrong barrel for your gun.

Most Black Ops Cold War guns have a much lower bullet velocity than Modern Warfare guns in Warzone. This makes them feel sluggish and makes your shots harder to hit.

However, choosing the right barrel for your gun can make a huge difference. The gun will always perform a lot better with higher bullet velocity as you will have to lead your shots less when firing on moving targets.

JGOD has tested every single barrel on every Cold War gun in Warzone to find the ones that increase bullet velocity the most. You can fix your loadout mistakes in Warzone using his barrel testing.

Different barrels effect bullet velocity in different ways. Check out JGOD’s spreadsheet with all of the bullet velocity data to find the right barrel for your gun.

JGOD’s findings have also shown that the XM4 and AK47 are almost completely useless in Warzone. This is because most of the barrels incorrectly reduce instead of increase bullet velocity, making it extremely difficult to hit targets at range.

Watch JGOD’s video below to get all of the information on how barrels change bullet velocity.

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