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Jaw-Dropping PS5 & Xbox Series X Concepts Created By Talented Designer

Check out these jaw-dropping PS5 and Xbox Series X concept designs.

At the moment, gamers are stuck with plain, boring versions of the new game consoles. However, this talented designer has made some absolutely stunning PS5 and Xbox Series X concepts.

These new consoles might look sleek, but they are nothing compared to designer POPE’s concepts.

PS5 Xbox Series X

PS5 Spider-Man & Persona 5 Concepts

Firstly, POPE has made a number of designs featuring popular PlayStation games.

His four different designs inspired by Spider-man are each based off of the hero’s iconic costume. Because of the different color combinations, these all have a very different feel.

Meanwhile, his Persona 5 design is somehow just as stylish as the game itself. Featuring the protagonist Joker, this striking red and black design would surely be a hit with Persona fans.

PlayStation fans might also be interested to hear that a number of major games have finally been given release dates.

Star Wars Xbox Series X Designs

POPE also makes some stunning concept designs for the Xbox Series X.

These two Xbox concepts are based on Star Wars Squadrons. One represents the Rebel Alliance, while the other is the black and red of the Empire.

You might also see him make more Star Wars designs in the future thanks to Star Wars games no longer being EA exclusive.

Additionally, POPE has recently completed a request for an Indiana Jones themed Xbox. This is a brown and black design that centers around the silhouette of Indy himself.

In case you missed it, there has been a huge announcement regarding Indy making his video game return. Bethesda will be publishing an Indiana Jones videogame.

These are only a few of his fantastic PS5 and Xbox series X concepts. Be sure to check out POPE’s Instagram account to see all of his amazing designs.

On the other hand, you could give @XboxPope a follow on Twitter to request a design from him. Don’t all rush at once though, every one of his designs must take ages to make.

PlayStation players will be happy to know that they can actually customize their console. A custom faceplate seller has finally returned to sell different color PS5 shells.

Also, if you haven’t managed to snap up a PS5 yet be sure to check our PS5 Stock Tracker.

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