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Japanese Store Combats PS5 Scalpers With Radical Measures

The PS5 is in extreme demand in its home country and a store is making sure its stock doesn’t end up in the hands of scalpers.

Needless to say, console scarcity doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.

This has been a constant for every current-gen console, and even for console upgrades like the Nintendo Switch OLED.

Namely, a big component of this ongoing situation is the resell market dominated by scalpers.

Unfortunately, this is a global occurrence.

Due to this, some retailers are getting a bit more creative on how to manage the situation.

Certainly, one particular Japanese store has been making headlines for its creative approach on how to handle the PS5 scalper situation.

Japan PS5 console scalpers
Source: Sony

Japanese Store Adds Client’s Name to PS5 Boxes to Combat Scalpers

Without a doubt, we have seen creative solutions to the scalper problem during this year.

Although, we can surely say few have been as creative as this store.

Nojima Denki, a Japanese store, has taken a very practical, yet effective approach to combat PS5 scalpers.

The store is willing to let you purchase its PS5 stock but under two conditions.

One, your full name will be written in the box at the moment of purchase.

And two, they will dispose of the DualSense box that’s included in the PS5’s packaging.

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Is this solution a practical one? Of course, it is!

Is it an effective one? Also, yes!

This is by far one of the simplest, yet most effective solutions a store has implemented to stop this ongoing stock problem.

Nevertheless, PS5 in-store restocks are an extremely rare occurrence, and this practice isn’t a practical solution to handle online orders.

All in all, this will not end the scalping issue, but kudos to Nojima Denki for its creativity.

Will PS5 scarcity end soon?

Sadly, even when retailers like Nojima Denki are taking action to end PS5 scalpers from getting stock, the short answer to this is probably not.

Scalping is a big part of why consoles are flying off shelves and being resold at prices far from MSRP.

However, this is far from the only reason why consoles are so scarce.

Japan PS5 console digital edition scalpers
Source: Sony

There are many situations affecting current generation consoles production.

The situation is improving though.

Restocks are more common now, but they still sell out in seconds.

Even console upgrades like the Nintendo Switch OLED are being sold on eBay at considerably high prices due to lack of stock.

Hope is up though, as things are getting better, but a definitive solution is still to be seen.

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Comments 3


Apex g

Sunday 10th of October 2021

This won't stop anything. People will still buy a ps5 with some body else's name on it. They know it's new why would you care about the box?

Jalen R.

Monday 11th of October 2021

didn't mean to hit enter, but i think you misunderstood what they're doing. they're putting people's names on boxes when they buy it so that they can easily tell if the same person is buying multiple PS5s from them. this isn't to stop the act of reselling, it's to stop the act of bulk-buying

Jalen R.

Monday 11th of October 2021

@Apex g,