The January 2024 Pokemon GO Raid Hours feature three Ultra Beasts and the Therian versions of the Forces of Nature Legendary trio!

Pokemon GO holds a Raid Hour event every Wednesday evening from 6 PM to 7 PM local time. During these events, the number of 5-Star Raids taking place greatly increases, making it by far the best time to farm the current Legendary Raid boss.

Here are all of the featured bosses and dates for the January 2024 Raid Hours in Pokemon GO!

Every Raid Hour in January 2024

DateRaid BossShiny Available?
January 3Buzzwole
(Americas and Greenland)
Buzzwole Pokemon GO
Xurkitree Pokemon GO
(Europe, the Middle East,
Africa, and India)
Pheromosa Pokemon GO
None Available
January 10Tornadus
(Therian Forme)
Therian Forme Tornadus Pokemon GO
Shiny Therian Tornadus Pokemon GO
January 17Thundurus
(Therian Forme)
Pokemon GO Therian Forme Thundurus
Shiny Therian Thundurus Pokemon GO
January 24Landorus
(Therian Forme)
Therian Forme Landorus Pokemon GO
Shiny Therian Landorus Pokemon GO
Every Raid Hour starts at 6 PM and ends at 7 PM local time.

For the January 3 Raid Hour, the featured Ultra Beast will depend on what part of the world you are in. For instance, Buzzwole is only available in the Americas and Greenland.

It is also worth noting that even if the Ultra Beasts cannot be shiny, you can get the shiny versions of Therian Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus. However, you’ll need to be lucky to do so, as the shiny odds are just 1 in 20!

Pokemon GO January 2024 Raid Hour Schedule
Credit: Niantic

If you can’t play during any of these Pokemon GO Raid Hours, there will be plenty of chances to catch these 5-Star Raid bosses in January 2024. In fact, all of them will be available to battle for at least a week.

Check out the January 2024 Pokemon GO Raids schedule for more details!

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